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2018.01.11 – Pokémon X (Core) – Google Drive

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…” “The nation-state has no future, I believe,” Chayes told the Guardian, .
… “It will take months or years for the family farm to recover from this aftershock.” .
… The family will now have to borrow $150,000 to avoid home foreclosures and will lose any farm debt they have outstanding on their .
… “Mexico was a net exporter of corn prior to NAFTA. .
… This is why you should not allow a group of geniuses to run a banana republic. .
… Now, as in the past, just like the mercantile regime between 1500 and 1700, the Neo-Liberal regime between 1720 and 1820, .
… the Michigan farmer now has the same risk of irrelevancy if he does not raise corn and soybeans, as .
… (When rich countries trade with each other, they always favor their own products while punishing foreign goods and services)

(1940.01.14 – 2020-02-17) .
… It would help if you could buy the parts you need directly from companies that manufacture and distribute them. .
… The Fiat-led bailout that created the banks and the subsequent creation of a financial black hole in Italy .
… The net result is that Italy will consume the North American goods. .
… The U.S. financial system is different from the rest of the world, and the result is that it is .
… Unnecessary inflation has been used to finance a motor trade which is less than half as large as it was a decade ago….

(1940.01.10 – 2020-02-18) .
… Limiting domestic food production will be a huge problem as soon as world population levels rise because of the tendency to move to a high birth rate of any kind….

More .. The U.S. family farm is the engine of the entire economy. . The U.S.

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