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The biggest issue is that you’re scanning the ZIP file without verifying the signature.
ZIP files can have a very long file header so the four lines you’re skipping are padding and/or metadata. With 7-zip, you could try reading that first 800 bytes from the beginning of the ZIP file and ignoring anything you don’t recognize. You’d save a lot of time if you fixed the ZIP instead of downloading a ZIP that’s already broken.
For Ubuntu, this script verifies your 7-zip installation:
cd “$(dirname “$0″)”

if [! -f “/usr/bin/7z” ]; then
echo -e ‘\e[33m\e[31m\e[41m\e[0m \e[0m\e[31m\e[33m\e[0m 7zip command not found.
\e[0m \e[0m\e[31m\e[33m\e[0m Installing it from ‘
# Extract the 7z to the best of your ability
7z e “$1″ -y -o”$2” -x0-4 >/dev/null
if [ $?!= 0 ]; then
echo “Aborting”
exit 1

# If 7z is there, test its version and print out the installation instructions
/usr/bin/7z -v >/tmp/7z.txt
if [ -f /tmp/7z.txt ]; then
echo “7-Zip version $($(head -n 1 /tmp/7z.txt) | tail -1 | cut -d”-f2)”
echo “”
echo “If you see this message after extraction, you’re done! Alternatively, you could”
echo “continue with the installation now.”
echo “”
echo “NOTE: This is not a bug, just what 7-zip decided to do.”
echo “”
exit 0
echo “Ab

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