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On June 20, 2016, Autodesk announced the release of AutoCAD 2016, a major update to the application. In a release announcement, the company said, “The new release of AutoCAD 2016 includes powerful new features and improvements across all functions and product offerings, including a new free-hand drawing and new collaboration capabilities.” Among the most important new features are AutoCAD 360, a free 2D drawing and 3D modeling application, and AutoCAD 360 Ultimate, an all-in-one solution combining AutoCAD 360 and AutoCAD.

In addition to the major upgrade to AutoCAD, the company also announced that Autodesk continues to offer its subscription-based software and cloud services as a suite of AutoCAD products. The 2016 announcement included the announcement of a new AutoCAD subscription model called AutoCAD 365, which offers professional level solutions for architectural, mechanical, and structural design and drawing.

AutoCAD is an excellent design tool for professionals. However, it can be difficult to operate for beginners. Here, we will review the features and design functions of AutoCAD. Also, we will review a few aspects of AutoCAD’s operation to help you become a better user.

Access AutoCAD Online

AutoCAD 2016 has a web-based version that provides access to most of the features of the desktop version. These web-based capabilities are a great advantage because they can be accessed from any computer connected to the Internet. The web-based version of AutoCAD can be accessed by typing the domain name on your web browser. The company does not provide any additional tools to configure or manage the AutoCAD web experience.

However, the web-based version of AutoCAD 2016 does have some limitations compared to the desktop version. To see these limitations, go to and log in. Then click on the Support tab at the top of the screen. This will take you to the software Support page.

The page explains the differences between AutoCAD 2016 and AutoCAD 2017. AutoCAD 2017 has many improved features, but AutoCAD 2016 is free, whereas AutoCAD 2017 costs $400. However, if you have purchased the latest version of AutoCAD, the purchase will be honored.

To sign up for AutoCAD 365, go to

AutoCAD Free For Windows

Drawing components
The drawing components are the components which represent the objects that are added to a drawing. Each component has its own internal representation, which can be in the form of a class. The most important class for a user to know is most likely the component class (with the default name of AcDbComponent). It contains the data to define what the component represents and how it behaves. This means that the user can alter any aspect of the component and its sub-components. For instance, it is possible to alter the color of the lines that make up a wireframe.

Most of the functionality, such as managing drawing layers, selecting objects, enabling and disabling components, modifying properties, and undo/redo, are performed by the drawing engine (and related drawing object classes), but a few functions may be delegated to a component, if the drawing component is specialized for the given type of functionality. For instance, a block component will allow the user to modify properties of the blocks, while a user entity component will allow the user to modify the property of a user entity.

The component classes are based on AutoCAD Serial Key’s drawing component engine, and the drawn component (i.e., the object) is represented in code in terms of a collection of its component(s).

Each of the available component classes is equipped with a set of methods that enable the drawing components to be made to follow a few common conventions (e.g., all properties are of type (char *) to accommodate both the native.NET and COM programming languages). These methods may be overridden in any component class that has been written, or it can be used to define a new convention.

The drawing components are grouped into drawing component families, which are based on the type of component (e.g., line, text, curve, block,…). Each component family is associated with a specific standard component, which is typically a base class.

Each component family supports its own methods for customization of the standard component, as well as methods for modifying the component families and their families. It is the drawing component engine that maintains the relationships between the components of a family, and does not share this information with the component class.

Drawing components can be associated with a family of their own, which enables their own custom methods and properties to be defined. A drawing component can be made a base component of a family using the BaseComponent method of the Drawing class. It can be made a derived component by deriving from

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T-SQL Grouped Select With Optional Columns

Let’s say I have the following SELECT statement:
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What I would like to do is group this by the User column, but include the Users column in the result set as well.
This is easy enough to do if you add the Users column to the SELECT clause.
SELECT [User], MAX([Logon Date]) as [Logon Date], Users
FROM Table

However, what I would like to be able to do is to just group by the Users column, but have the Users column present in the result set, even if it is null.
Can this be done with a CASE statement?
FROM Table


You can use this query for get all users in one row:
SELECT [User], MAX([Logon Date]), Users = CASE WHEN Users IS NULL THEN ‘None’ ELSE Users END
FROM Table

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What’s New In?

Make AutoCAD even more your own. Convert more CAD drawings from other drawing applications.


Easily swap from precise to rough drafting (like in SketchUp).

Attach and remove parts more easily. Fasten and remove objects from drawing based on CAD primitives.

Fasten models together with glue and snap.

Naming objects is more intuitive. Naming, removing, and updating objects has never been faster.

Share your work, easily. Include draft versions of your drawings with Track Changes.

Simplify drawing creation. Simplify the process of creating vector drawings from scratch with new drafting tools.

Create and view AutoCAD XR models directly from the new eDrawings app.

Better ArcGIS integration. Easily share your CAD drawings with ArcGIS and access them in GIS with no additional steps.

Use the Look Up Table tool in the UCS perspective or 3D view. Use the Look Up Table tool in the UCS perspective or 3D view.

Design entire packages more easily with package design tools.

Reformat and archive drawings. Easily compress drawings and remove unused objects.


Easily navigate AutoCAD with the new and faster Navigate Window.

Easily navigate AutoCAD with the new and faster Navigate Window. Read and edit drawing files from native or cloud storage and formats such as Office 365 or OneDrive.

Speed up collaborative, real-time drawing with comments.

Share content and history using cloud-based cloud collaboration.

Make more informed decisions with your data. Use the Database Viewer and Dimensional Analysis tools to add information to drawings.

Easily automate workflows in a collaborative manner.

How AutoCAD 2023 will enhance your next project

Enhance design solutions with AutoCAD drawing capabilities that enhance your design flow:

Easily connect to other drawing applications. Connect any DWG, DXF, or PDF file to AutoCAD.

Connect any DWG, DXF, or PDF file to AutoCAD. Simultaneously work on designs using multiple applications. Integrate any application into AutoCAD through the new IntelliConnection API.

Integrate any application into AutoCAD through the new IntelliConnection API

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows 7 or later
Processor: 1.8 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0 compatible card
DirectX: Version 9.0
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
Game Disc: One disc of BioShock Infinite install size 3.6 GB (if you use the Legacy version 2.6 GB of install size)
Sound Card: Direct X compatible sound card
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