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Why are my filters working on the first 1000 records but not the next 1000 records?

I have code as follows to get the data from a database table (contents), then do a sub-query on it to get the results filtered.
Everything works on the first 1000 records but the error only appears on the second 1000 records. I have not been able to find any reason for this yet.
$uid = $db->get_var(“SELECT field_uid_value FROM {field_data_field_tier_level} WHERE field_name=’tier_level’ AND entity_type=’node’ AND

$result = db_query(“SELECT field_data_field_tier_level_entity_tid, field_data_field_category_tid FROM {field_data_field_category} WHERE
field_name=’category’ AND node_type=’file’ AND LENGTH(field_data_field_tier_level_entity_tid) > 0 AND field_data_field_tier_level_entity_tid=”.$uid.” “);

if($result->rowCount() > 0) {
$tids = array();

foreach($result as $tid){
$tids[] = $tid[‘field_data_field_tier_level_entity_tid’];
$db->set_select(“SELECT * FROM {field_data_field_tier_level} WHERE field_name=’tier_level’ AND
field_data_field_category_tid IN(“.implode(‘,’, $tids).”), node_nid IN(0)”);
$sub_query = $db->get_var(“SELECT {field_data_field_category}.* FROM {

The software is part of the Autocad Setup program on which you can see the program name on the Installation screen. The command prompts you to enter a serial number.
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Automatically decrease volume when playing from audio file

When I play a music track from the computer through my headphones, the volume automatically increases. Is there a way to set this behavior? Meaning, play a piece of music and automatically decrease the volume? Or, if this is impossible, is there a way to set the volume of the computer when playing from an external source?


You might want to look into VLC which supports that. It can be set up to do that so you might need to search for “vlf:automute”.


Note that in Windows 8 and later, (re)starting Windows Media Player will likely still revert your settings if they have been changed in any way. For instance, if the audio device is set to “auto”, the “auto” will persist for new files when starting Windows Media Player.

To ensure automatic fade in/out are enabled, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Player Options…


I think, that when you are playing music from the computer audio over your headset, you can select “loudness normalize mode” that will help to decrease volume of music.
“Loudness normalize mode” you can find in the “Auto” panel:

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