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AutoCAD Version History

AutoCAD is a popular commercial CAD software application released by Autodesk in 1983. AutoCAD was originally available as a desktop app, and was later introduced as a web-based app.

AutoCAD History (1982 – present)

AutoCAD Version Number Description 1982-5.0 1982 Early versions of the AutoCAD R14 software were not published for customer use. 1982-10.0 1982 Added new functions such as an improved drawing window, and a spline shape tool. 1982-11.0 1982 Introduced a new user interface, enabling non-programmer CAD operators to design and edit drawings. 1982-12.0 1982 Introduced direct drawing on raster graphics displays. 1982-12.1 1982 Added the ability to apply line styles to line objects. 1982-12.2 1982 Added the ability to view and edit text. 1982-12.3 1982 Introduced automatic equalization of text in drawings. 1982-12.4 1982 Added the ability to create and edit areas. 1982-12.5 1982 Introduced the ability to have different plot symbols for different layers. 1982-12.6 1982 Introduced the ability to make walls and shadows. 1982-12.7 1982 Introduced the ability to make arbitrary polyline changes in DWG files. 1982-12.8 1982 Introduced the ability to link labels to objects and associate objects with other objects. 1982-12.9 1982 Introduced the ability to share objects between drawings. 1982-12.10 1982 Introduced a shared workspace. 1982-12.11 1982 Introduced a shared legend. 1982-12.12 1982 Introduced a shared file folder. 1982-12.13 1982 Introduced a shared drawing palette. 1982-12.14 1982 Introduced the ability to change the name of a group of objects. 1982-12.15 1982 Introduced the ability to change the owner and category of an object. 1982-12.16 1982 Introduced the ability to use text as a handle to move objects. 1982-12.17 1982 Introduced the ability to change the name of a selection. 1982-12.18 1982 Introduced the ability to change the origin of a group of objects. 1982-12.19 1982 Introduced the ability to create a zoomed drawing of a group of objects. 1982-12.20 1982 Introduced the ability to move a group of objects by selection. 1982-12.21 1982 Introduced the ability to automatically create an enclosed region from a selection.

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Aspect Features in Drafting:

Add Aspect Ratio to existing Geometry with Aspect. Aspect displays the original shape with the current aspect ratio.

Duplicate and mirror geometry without affecting your source geometry. Aspect allows you to work with multiple views of the same geometry, even if they are not the same size or aspect ratio.

On the Aspect panel, you can quickly and easily add a new view, and you can easily move or rotate multiple views simultaneously. Aspect makes it easier to add and edit multiple views of geometry. (video: 1:34 min.)

Network and AutoCAD Online:

Build faster, more reliable connections for AutoCAD and Autodesk Design Review to the cloud. Automatic fault detection and repair and updates while you’re working. A free 20 GB cloud service for online work and storage for 2 years.

Change your default online storage location to the cloud, so you have access from any computer with a browser. (video: 1:53 min.)

Cloud services in Autodesk Suite:

Cloud-based Autodesk 360 Storage. (video: 1:31 min.)

Autodesk 360 Editor:

Save your drawings automatically to your preferred cloud-based storage service, such as the Autodesk 360 Storage service, with the Autodesk 360 Editor. You can also publish your drawings directly from Autodesk 360 to the cloud service of your choice. (video: 1:21 min.)

Vector Graphics:

Redesign the appearance of your drawings for optimized clarity and quality. The previous generation of Illustrator and Freehand graphics editors have been replaced with the new Vector Design tools. The Vector Design tools provide clean, new designs for all your project needs.

Optimized graphics editors for vector graphics. The new Vector Design tools make it easy to clean up your vector graphics, add some polish, or create new designs. There are new advanced tools for creating curved objects and more control over the graphic appearance. (video: 1:40 min.)

Vector graphics in 3D, and AutoCAD:

Use the new tools in the 3D Warehouse and add a perspective of your drawings to the 3D Warehouse. Add graphics in 3D from drawings in your library. (video: 1:17 min.)

Path and Shape Tools:

Add splines and other control paths to your drawing. New shapes and splines

System Requirements:

• Requires an Internet connection
• Wi-Fi is recommended but not required
• 2GB of RAM and 8GB of available space on the internal memory
• Android 2.2 or higher
• USB 2.0 and 3G for data transfer
• Android 4.4, Jelly Bean or higher version of Google play store
Device Features:
• App-driven: Automatic alerts and updates
• Auto pairing
• Cloud-based backup: automatically synchronizes your contacts, calendar and notes to Google servers