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AutoCAD is widely used for 2D and 3D mechanical, architectural, electrical, civil engineering, landscaping, and other projects. It is used in the design and drafting of structures such as buildings and machinery and in the construction, fabrication, and maintenance of those structures. AutoCAD is used to create blueprints, engineering drawings, engineering schematics, and architectural and engineering models.

The name AutoCAD originates from Autocadler, a designer and draftsman, who programmed the AutoCAD application in 1967. He died before AutoCAD was released.

Two AutoCAD versions (AutoCAD 2002 and AutoCAD 2013) have been released, with 3D capabilities in AutoCAD 2013 and many improvements in AutoCAD 2013.


User can create 2D/3D drawings

AutoCAD has functions of AutoTrace, shape tool, text tool, creating features, creating 2D and 3D drawings, 2D and 3D dimensioning and measuring tools, 3D and 2D modeling tools, 2D and 3D tools for annotation, and other drawing-related functions. AutoCAD also has many tools for creating a variety of special drawings, such as pipes, ventilation, and electrical.

The interface for AutoCAD is presented in a 2D format, with mouse clickable icons representing drawing commands and views of objects to be edited. Using the mouse, the user can drag the icons to select the desired commands and views.

The following sections will give a brief overview of the various tools available within AutoCAD.

Drop shadow

The drop shadow drawing tool, available from the Tools menu, makes a shadow appear on top of the 2D object on which it has been activated. The shadow is created by a set of lines that are placed on top of the object. The lines are viewed by the viewer and so can be edited to create a shadow that is a specific width or that follows a different shape. The shadow also disappears when the object on which it has been placed is selected.


The Rotation tool, available from the Geometry toolbar, is used to rotate an object in relation to a reference point.

Units and Dimensions

The Units and Dimensions tool, available from the Geometry toolbar, displays a set of standard dimensions for the selected object. These can be modified, including by changing the

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Release history
AutoCAD 2 was the first version of AutoCAD to be widely available for sale, released in 1987. It was available as a bootleg version, with the “pay as you use” approach to distribution, but in 1989 it was also available as a legitimate, registered copy from the Autodesk Software Corporation. For more details, see the version history.

User interface

AutoCAD’s user interface was the first to implement the Windows graphical user interface (GUI) paradigm, which is used in other CAD programs and operating systems. The user interface consists of dialogs, which are collections of windows with function buttons to provide an interface for performing CAD tasks. Some examples of dialogs are the Object Browser, the Parameters dialog, and the Viewer. In AutoCAD, all objects and features are defined within the workspace or model (the two names used for the same location in the drawing). For instance, the top toolbar is the workspace and features such as the DesignCenter, the command line interface (CLI) and the menu bar are all located within the workspace. The workspace is user-definable, and can be moved or changed to another location.

Most of the common graphical actions in AutoCAD occur in the workspace. Using the workspace directly or indirectly is an important part of AutoCAD use. The workspace contains the design entities used for design, such as object types (raster, line, polyline, circle, arc, ellipse, text, polygon, drawing, viewport, etc.), tool palettes (Edit, Select, View, Viewport, and Tool palettes), command palettes (Windows, Graphics, and Operations palettes), and dimensions. The workspace also contains blocks, annotations, tables, views, viewsports, text styles, and other AutoCAD objects.

Features of the workspace include its dynamic filtering, context-sensitive help, ability to manipulate objects or feature’s properties, and direct access to commands, objects, properties and attributes, and to definitions and information about the drawing itself. The workspace also allows the user to easily position and configure views or annotation styles (examples are shown in the picture). The workspace can also be used to see blocks or annotations.

The command line interface is located directly below the workspace. It consists of keyboard shortcuts or menus to perform common tasks. For instance, the keyboard shortcuts are ALT+M for Move and Select Objects, ALT+Q for Query,

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Improved, touch-friendly MKD import:

Edit and add markups to your drawings quickly with a range of natural and precise gestures.


Modify the coordinates of imported marks, marks you’ve drawn, and vector-based marks, and move or resize them all at once.

Up to 3X faster than with previous versions:

Switch between 2D or 3D drawings faster because we’ve taken out the render step.

Cut, rotate, move, and place multiple items at once:

Cut, rotate, and move multiple items with a single command.

Improvements to Arrange:

Paste-text on the fly from images.

Add, move, and reorder parts with ease.

Geometrical constraints:

Find the exact location of a point on a surface and then create a new surface from it.

Ruler assistance:

Determine the exact location of a point by using a ruler to define the coordinates of a reference point.

Improved project importing:

Import 3D models and 3D PDF files with your project into a single view.

Interactive floating 3D objects:

Move and rotate these new 3D objects without leaving your 2D drawing.

Clone 2D marks:

Create exact copies of lines, arcs, circles, ellipses, polylines, polylines, splines, and text.

Context-aware features and improvements:

Corrects the layout of multi-object illustrations.

Streamlines dialogs and window settings for a better experience.


Create shapes that go beyond drawing.

Provides new and improved graphics and more than 30 new mathematical and engineering functions.


Design tools with a new Ribbon interface that provides a consistent user experience across all Windows operating systems.

Erase a shape or line to remove all marks, and then redraw them on a new layer or surface with a single command.

Resize an object to a specific shape (parallelogram, hexagon, or any 2D shape).

Create a unique shape for each part of a drawing, and bring them together to make compound shapes.

Use the exact coordinates of a point on a surface to find the exact location of the surface.

Use a special shape to determine the exact location

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