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Today, AutoCAD Product Key remains the world’s most popular desktop CAD software, with approximately 11 million licenses sold to firms including developers, architects, engineers, and landscape architects, as well as system integrators, consultants, contractors, and data acquisition and management firms. The company has also sold more than 7.5 million licenses of AutoCAD LT (AutoCAD for small businesses), AutoCAD Standard (for general contractors and other architecture and engineering firms), and AutoCAD Architecture (for interior designers and data-intensive firms).

Since its inception, AutoCAD has received numerous industry awards for its engineering design software, and has been the recipient of more than 100 Autodesk awards, including the Lifetime Achievement Award for Innovation, 2012.

AutoCAD History and Philosophy

AutoCAD history and philosophy has changed over time, especially since the introduction of many new features. At Autodesk’s Automated Drafting Conference in 2012, I attended a presentation by AutoCAD’s general manager, John Romaniello. He described the history of AutoCAD, including the philosophy behind it.

AutoCAD development began in 1982, Romaniello explained, with a vision to create a CAD tool that had more computing power than the in-house drawing tool on many of the internal-business systems of the time. “That was the genesis of AutoCAD and a lot of the architectural design software today,” he told attendees.

AutoCAD’s earliest incarnation was a desktop program running on microcomputers, with powerful internal-graphics-controller chips. The new tool could display multi-colored high-resolution display screens and was the first CAD program to have a true polyline style for drawing, which has become the standard in CAD for over 30 years.

The reason that early CAD software programs, such as DraftSight, were called “CAD” was that they did a good job of mimicking the design and drafting process in an engineering office. CAD programs could be used as an in-office tool to visualize and modify design files and were well suited to architecture and engineering offices. CAD was often used for two-dimensional (2D) drafting, and it was used mostly for that purpose—only for 2D drafting at first.

At the time, Romaniello explained, CAD systems were for internal use and not for sharing. A common thought was that if you worked in a CAD program, then the work could

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Second, the dependence on a graphic user interface (GUI) has become unacceptable. Because the direct manipulation model is not GUI-specific, other interfaces can be used in an indirect fashion, for example by using a commercial scripting language.

Third, a command-line interface (CLI) has been available since AutoCAD 2000, as part of the Simple Workbench. Many applications and extensions have been written in AutoLisp since AutoCAD’s birth.

Fourth, AutoLISP has been improved and much work has been invested in making it much more powerful and extensible.

AutoCAD has interfaces with other software and systems, including:

Accessing CAD information such as DWG drawings and RTF files from other CAD systems, e.g., Microsoft Word Documents, PDF, other applications such as Google Drive, etc.
Managing a catalog of parameters stored with the drawing so that it can be recalled at any time. These parameters can be categorized into components and properties.
Automating the creation of drawings from a list of objects.
Using the CAD data itself as a database, a non-CAD system, an office automation program, a web site, etc.
Sharing 3D models and other CAD data with other systems.

In other areas, AutoCAD has interfaces with the engineering workflows of industry, including:

Measuring and inspection

AutoCAD was originally a CAD application, but in the last fifteen years, the field of enterprise product development has expanded to other areas. With all the software available, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word, AutoCAD can provide additional functionality in these areas. AutoCAD Enterprise adds additional workflow capabilities that were traditionally considered outside the scope of AutoCAD, such as enterprise manufacturing or enterprise design.

AutoCAD Enterprise is also a solution for managing a collection of drawings and models. It can synchronize and access data from a 3D model, DWG, or CAD database. Model parameters can be collected and made available for editing by other applications. AutoCAD Enterprise has the ability to compare, synchronize, or merge drawings. It can also import data from external formats, such as CAD databases, or from other applications.

AutoCAD Enterprise provides extensive tools for collaboration. It includes a calendar that synchronizes to Excel; customized forums for discussion and/or comments

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What’s New In?

Paper format presets for landscape and portrait orientation

Flatten drawing with Paper Space: The ability to flatten drawings with Paper Space makes it easy to send a design to manufacturing.

Add and customize layers: New 3D Features: Draw 3D models directly in 2D views.

Under the Hood:

Sophisticated search and multi-file-importing: Made it easier to find and import multiple file formats.

Better handling of tiled drawings: Displaying tiled drawings, and adding marks and dimensions when tiled drawings are redrawn, are now more consistent.

Under the Hood:

Better handling of tiled drawings: Displaying tiled drawings, and adding marks and dimensions when tiled drawings are redrawn, are now more consistent. Better handling of very large drawings: Resize to fit drawing, and grow and shrink to fit a worksheet.

Added support for the new Paper Space add-on.

Paper Space add-on:

The Paper Space add-on allows you to create a blank paper workspace for any type of drawing.

There are no file formats or output requirements.

The Paper Space add-on works with any AutoCAD release, without the need to purchase a new version of the add-on. (video: 1:01 min.)

Downloading the free Paper Space add-on

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Licensing in AutoCAD LT has been simplified: You now only need a single license key to operate the entire AutoCAD LT system and its applications.

New licensing options: You can now purchase perpetual AutoCAD LT licenses through Autodesk’s licensing system, plus an optional perpetual license for AutoCAD LT 2019.

Direct linking of a License server in AutoCAD LT: Through the API you can access the License servers directly and dynamically download any version of the AutoCAD LT system to the local drive.

Download the free 30-day trial for AutoCAD LT 2019

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Support for AutoCAD TM 2018.1:

New commands for handling profile properties on profile blocks.

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher: DirectX 9.0c, Requires a 64-bit OS with at least 4 GB of RAM, 128 MB of video RAM and a 1 GHz or faster processor.
Windows Vista SP2: DirectX 9.0c, Requires a 64-bit OS with at least 4 GB of RAM, 128 MB of video RAM and a 1 GHz or faster processor.
Minimum Requirements:
Windows 7 or higher: DirectX 9.0c, Supports a 64-bit OS with at least 4 GB of RAM, 128 MB of video RAM

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