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While on the surface AutoCAD Serial Key seems quite easy to use, it can be a difficult tool for the beginner to master. If you’re looking for a tool that can let you work more freely, check out some of these basic or advanced AutoCAD tutorials.

Hardware Requirements

To get started with AutoCAD, your hardware should be able to handle 2D drawing files that can hold up to 300,000 entities. Most computers from the late 1990s will be able to handle these kinds of drawings. With this in mind, you will need at least 4 GB of RAM.

Steps to open a sample AutoCAD file

Using the “File” menu, select “Open”. On Windows, the shortcut for this is “F4”. You can open AutoCAD files from Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Alternatively, you can create your own drawing file using the “File” menu. Click on the “New” button and select “2D Drawing”. You can also find this option on the “File” menu.

In this tutorial, we’ll be using the built-in 2D drawing application.

Steps to create a sample drawing

In order to create a new drawing, you need to select the “File” menu. Then, select “New” in order to create a new drawing file.

It’s important to note that only the active drawing layer can be edited, so we’ll first need to select that layer.

The drawing editor (AutoCAD terminology for a “layer”) is a good tool for novice users because it allows you to edit layers that are not visible on the drawing canvas.

Layer editing allows you to make subtle adjustments to multiple layers on the drawing canvas at one time.

How to start a new drawing

The steps to start a new drawing are simple:

Select the “File” menu. Select “New” to open the “New Drawing File” dialog. Click on “File” at the top-right to select the type of file you want to create.

Select “2D Drawing” to start a new drawing file in the default 2D style.

This tutorial assumes that you don’t want to start a new drawing in the 2D style.

Note: to change the file type, select it from the drop-down menu on the left.

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AutoCAD PC/Windows [Updated]

Open the application and open the preferences.

In the preferences there is a key for Autodesk Autocad. Go to the items tab.

Click on a blank area where you want to generate the key.

Choose a name for the key.

Click on ‘Generate’.

A text file is generated and can be read with a keygen program.


Under Windows you can open a text file in any text editor like Notepad, NotePad++ or Textpad.


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What’s New in the?

AutoLayout to database:

A complete, visual application for creating and maintaining drawing layouts and the layout properties of AutoCAD drawing objects.

Work faster. A more intuitive user interface and cleaner, more accessible features give you the tools you need to speed up your workflow.

Send models and drawings to print:

A new technology for plotting points and dimensions of complex objects on paper or screen based on an interactive, two-way dialog between the plotter and the CAD system.

Design faster. A more intuitive user interface and cleaner, more accessible features give you the tools you need to speed up your workflow.

Share and interact:

A user-friendly drawing environment that supports the socializing, sharing, and collaboration that are essential to the success of today’s organizations.

Get ready for the future of building design. Use the latest AutoCAD software to transform how you work. (video: 3:09 min.)

Top resources


Get trained and certified on the AutoCAD platform with our dedicated CERTIFIED USER training course.

The CERTIFIED USER course is based on the AutoCAD Visual Basic Language and incorporates all the resources you need to learn and become a Certified USER in AutoCAD.

Want more AutoCAD tutorials? Check out our other video courses.

Microsoft Azure

Stay tuned for more news on Microsoft Azure.

In 2015, Microsoft announced the Visual Studio Cloud and Azure platform.

In the Visual Studio Cloud, Microsoft has opened a new platform for application development, operating systems, and cloud services. It offers a lot of innovative and interesting features that directly enhance and complement the capabilities of a traditional Windows environment. Visual Studio Cloud is built on Microsoft Azure, the cloud infrastructure on which Microsoft runs and has already transformed the way in which businesses work.

A dynamic and exciting world awaits you, the C# developer! Learn more about the Visual Studio Cloud and Azure platform with our C# Developer training course.

Web, mobile, and cloud development

Get trained and certified on the AutoCAD platform with our dedicated CERTIFIED USER training course.

It is possible to develop a fully functioning web site with AutoCAD. You can even create web sites that run in a mobile browser, providing that you are using AutoCAD mobile apps for the Windows platform.

If you want to work on your Auto

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8.1 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster Dual Core processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 1 GB graphics card
Hard Disk: 500 MB available space
Additional Notes: Internet connection required during the installation process
Processor: 2.0 GHz or faster Quad Core processor
Memory: 4 GB

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