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Since the late 1980s, AutoCAD Free Download has been the standard commercial CAD package, displacing programs such as CADDec, which was created by Tandberg in the late 1980s. AutoCAD Activation Code is also notable for the high level of functional integration it provides, and for its ease of use. Many of the basic features were already available in 1980s-era drawing software such as AutoCAD Free Download PDS (preview), but AutoCAD provided many more functionalities in a single integrated product than other programs of the time. The first version of AutoCAD was only 32Kb of code, and there were very few features, and some of the code was “dead” (not used any more). AutoCAD 1 was a platform software, running only on the original Macintosh computers. After the introduction of Windows (in 1985), Autodesk added a Windows version of AutoCAD, but with very limited capabilities compared to the Macintosh version.


Aircraft features:

2D drafting tools (circles, lines, rectangles, 3D rectangles, arcs, and 3D arcs)

2D and 3D views

a full-featured parametric modeling toolset

block insertion

block cut and hole tools

block move

cutting tools

drawing style tools

edit tools

inspection tools

path tools

text tools (as text boxes and text fields)


image tools (insert and move)

import and export of DWG and DXF files

input tools (convert to and from many different formats)

image processing tools (color, levels, dither, noise reduction, texture mapping, etc.)

measurement tools (measure 3D entities)


properties tools (find, open, activate, modify, and delete)

rulers and scales



printing tools (cups, placemats, templates)

resolution tools (Fit to page, Fit to paper, Fit to printer, Fit to screen, Fit to object, etc.)

raster image processing tools (paste as pattern)


text tools (include, change character style, edit text, copy and paste text, copy and paste text into object, paste text, etc.)

view tools (palettes, bitmap, transparency

AutoCAD With Key

Autodesk Design Review
Autodesk Review
Autodesk Revit
Autodesk Synchronous

Technical issues

AutoCAD may, at times, experience performance or capacity issues.
For performance-related issues, Autodesk states that: “Typically, when a program is running slowly, the cause of the problem is a conflict with another application. If your computer is running slow, start by disabling or uninstalling programs you no longer use. If that does not help, try to troubleshoot the problem by uninstalling or disabling other Autodesk programs.”

Autodesk officially recommends that all hardware and software be up to date in order to prevent issues. Autodesk also recommends that software should be updated before attempting to install new software, as updating the entire operating system or reinstalling the operating system are the only correct solutions in all instances. Autodesk also provides a software update service which can be used to keep Autodesk software up to date.

On Windows systems, Microsoft announced in December 2012 that it was no longer supporting Autodesk for Windows XP and Windows Vista and is no longer offering technical support.

Autodesk may experience issues at times with Autodesk has a report form on its website where users can send in a ticket in case of an related problem.

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turbolinks with ajax – page reload not working after edit

I am having issues with a turbolinks site that I am working on. I have followed these instructions in order to create a set of Rails actions:
When I edit a page, the url changes and I get the updated content, BUT the page reload doesn’t happen until I go back and re-edit it. When I load the page normally, the page does reload. Here’s the log of the action in my page:
Started PUT “/users/edit” for at 2012-04-03 14:33:12 -0700
Processing by UsersController#update as JS
Parameters: {“utf8″=>”✓”, “authenticity

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Ask HN: Where do you find job ads? – ericthegoodking
For me its like there is an infinite number of job ads on the Internet. Thats seems to me like job search is not a thing anymore. Does anyone have any experience in finding job for people?
The right search terms will get you good results. Relevant skills is a good
place to start.

Hiring full stack engineers, or web developers is a good idea for the kind of
work you’re doing. Either through a company that specializes in it, or via
Google’s “my company” search.

The competition for the type of work you’re doing is going to be pretty good.
Use it to find the job that makes the most sense. Don’t overthink.

Good luck.

a good place to start is Google and LinkedIn.

Also check out this blog post about how you can use twitter for job

You can also use Quora for this.


PostgreSQL sequence updates to UPDATE queries

I know that for tables that use sequences, the way to maintain them (in order to get new auto-increment values) is to UPDATE the table.
I have a weird use case in which I need to add a column to a table with an auto-increment sequence, but I do not want to add a new sequence with the new column, so I was planning on doing an UPDATE query with the column as a SET parameter.
I’m assuming that when I do an UPDATE query with a SET parameter, the change will not be sent to the sequence, and I’ll just get a new ID.
What if the table already has a sequence with an ID of 1234? And I do an UPDATE query with SET ID=42? Does PostgreSQL just not update it or does it do some sort of hackery to find a sequence with that ID, and if so, how does it find it?


The only way the sequence will update itself is if you

What’s New In AutoCAD?

AutoCAD’s precise vector path-finder now imports path outlines without centering or aligning. Your AutoCAD 2020 or earlier drawing remains the foundation of your new design. You can still align your imported paths and follow them with Direct Selection (Lines, Polylines, Arcs, etc.). (video: 1:15 min.)

Get close to your drawings with the new flexible measurement tool. This tool snaps to any alignment or plane. (video: 1:10 min.)

No more puzzling over how to create 3D or shared drawings. New Drafting Services (tabletop), including Generalized Drafting, CAD to DWG conversion, and shared drawing tools (video: 2:30 min.)

Bounding Boxes in Text, including Layout panels, include Easy Bounding Box Settings that automatically display Bounding Boxes without further interaction.

Vector masking:

Get ready to reduce design cost, by masking out areas that will never see use. Masks now automatically exclude points, lines, and arcs from rendering.

Get interactive preview of shapes that contain masking. Preview highlights any outlines, contours, and annotations that are excluded by the mask. Drag a handle to manually modify masking or view masking patterns.

Suppress automatically hides masked regions while you draw.

Vector labels with dynamic appearance. Choose from a variety of appearances that are dynamically adjusted to your selection or display settings.

Protect your drawings from editing. Now you can protect views and annotations.

SVN client:

Edit your code with the Subversion Client.

User Interface and Controls:

Snap to view. No more fumbling with small windows or jumping to another workspace. Now you can snap your drawings to left, right, top or bottom of view and view any element.

Double click to draw. Easily select and modify geometry when it makes sense to do so, and leave most of the drawing time for your creativity.

Snap to nearby objects. Quickly create features to represent common shapes and items in your drawings, and use the new Nearby feature to place your most commonly used objects in your drawings.

Snap to any user-defined shape. If you see a “+” sign next to a drawing element, then you can enter and modify any object, whether it is part of a drawing or an object on the computer

System Requirements:

The game currently runs on Steam and the PS4 using a proprietary software that allows us to host the game’s executable on the Sony’s server. However, we are working to migrate the game to PS4 Pro and we will add it to Steam when that is the case.
A recommended resolution of 1280×720, in a window that is at least 960 pixels wide and/or one of 1366 or 1920 pixels wide. It would be nice to have a higher resolution to add some extra detail, but this is a work in progress and a balance will be made for the

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