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AutoCAD is designed to model and draw geometric objects in a two-dimensional plane, but it is also a multipurpose CAD program with tools for drafting, programming, mechanical design, and architecture. Its ability to easily create and edit complex documents makes AutoCAD popular for a wide variety of professional applications. For example, it is the primary graphics software used by architects and interior designers.

AutoCAD is a very popular software application among home users, particularly in the United States, due to its ease of use and broad range of features. Over the years, Autodesk has released several upgrades and new versions of AutoCAD, including AutoCAD LT.

Many users are attracted to AutoCAD because of its relative simplicity and its design for desktop computers. It is also one of the most popular tools for creating DWG files that are compatible with AutoCAD and other graphics programs.


AutoCAD was first released in 1982 by AutoDesk, Inc., to compete with the Autocad competitor Creo. It was developed by a group led by Larry Belleville who designed and programmed the AutoCAD application with the help of Douglas Case.

Released in early 1982 as an extension of the company’s LightWorks drawing package for the Apple II series, AutoCAD was available for the Apple II, the IBM PC, and the Apple III. It was later expanded to the Apple Macintosh and the Atari 8-bit family. The development of AutoCAD was the largest software project in the history of the Apple II and Macintosh platforms to that point. Over the course of its history, AutoCAD has become a popular application used for computer aided design. It was first released for the Apple II, IBM PC, and the Apple III, and in the 1980s its release and development for the Apple II and Macintosh were coordinated by the same group of programmers. AutoCAD was initially available only on the Apple II and Macintosh, but in the 1990s the company released versions for Windows, Linux, the iPad, and Android.

AutoCAD released AutoCAD LT in 1992, with initial support for the Macintosh and Windows platforms. Autodesk continued to support the original AutoCAD by regularly releasing minor and major updates, such as AutoCAD 2007. Since 1994, Autodesk has released yearly software updates, known as releases, and major releases that contain significant new features. In 2011, Autodesk announced that it would no longer support the original version

AutoCAD 2019 23.0 [Win/Mac]


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Autocad API Usage

Autocad provides an API to expose its core functionality. Autocad application developers can use the Autocad API to make their applications more useful for the users and also more convenient for Autocad.

API References



Autocad Application Project

Autocad API Reference

Autocad Interfaces

Autocad ALG Method

Autocad API

Autocad ARP Method

Autocad XREF Method

Autocad IRP Method

Autocad Infolog Method

Autocad LMP Method

Autocad MDX Method

Autocad MSP Method

Autocad SPI Method

Autocad WPP Method

Autocad VSP Method

Autocad VSP API Method

Autocad VSP Background Method

Autocad VSP Interface Method

Autocad VSP Output Method

Autocad VSP Object Method

Autocad Viewer API Method

Autocad Viewer 2D Method

Autocad Viewer 3D Method

Autocad Viewer Alignment Method

Autocad Viewer Arrange Method

Autocad Viewer Bounding Method

Autocad Viewer Brush Method

Autocad Viewer Change Method

Autocad Viewer Charts Method

Autocad Viewer Clone Method

Autocad Viewer Color Method

Autocad Viewer Create Method

Autocad Viewer Delete Method

Autocad Viewer Edit Method

Autocad Viewer Ellipse Method

Autocad Viewer Get Method

Autocad Viewer Layers Method

Autocad Viewer Mesh Method

Autocad Viewer Method

Autocad Viewer Projection Method

Autocad Viewer Scene Method

Autocad Viewer Set Method

Autocad Viewer Transform Method

Autocad Viewer Transform Properties Method

Autocad Viewer Transform Properties List Method

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

A new option, AutoCAD Export, enables you to export your AutoCAD drawing to SVG, PDF, or DWG format.

Paper Space Improvements:

New features in Paper Space improve your workflow when creating 2D drawings.

We have added the ability to choose from preset paper dimensions.

You can easily create, edit, and measure a range of dimensions using the Measure/Scale tool.

Interact with Paper Space easily with the ability to select and click directly on paper space objects.

Adding geometry to paper space is faster than ever. You can now save time by drawing with an empty paper space. With the new Precision Snap option, you can snap objects in a paper space more easily.

Geometry editing in Paper Space has been improved. You can access the command palette, and the Edit menu in paper space has been improved.

The ability to cut multiple objects is more intuitive. You can select multiple objects and cut them at once.

New Paper Space palettes and items:

The Command palette has been moved to the Paper Space tab, and you can access the palettes directly from the palette.

New User Interface:

The new UI looks modern and takes advantage of the latest Windows 10 features, making it easier than ever to work in AutoCAD.

The right edge of the drawing space is shown, as the Command palette (shown here with a light gray background) has been moved to the Paper Space tab.

Improved command bar:

The command bar is fully functional and contains the same menus and commands as before. The command bar in paper space is shown with a light gray background.

The toolbars are now activated from the top and bottom of the toolbars, and are stacked above and below the command bar.

We have added a new function: tool tips. Tool tips are small pop-up messages that help you better understand a tool’s purpose, or provide additional information about a selected object.

Saving files:

You can use the Save As command from the File menu, or select Save from the Edit menu to save your drawing as a DWG, PDF, or SVG file.

We now have the ability to save only the active viewports when using Save As from the File menu.

Drawing Space:

You can easily move drawings in the Drawing Space to place them in different locations on the page.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

To run the game, you will need at least 2GB of RAM and an Intel i5 or better (up to a 4 core/8 thread) processor, in addition to a Nvidia Geforce 660/800 or Radeon 7850/8500 or greater.
Gameplay Notes:
The game offers the option to change the game’s settings to use the “Ultra” or “Very High” graphical settings, providing you a more graphically intense experience.
The game also offers the option to enable 4xMSAA, a feature that will result in

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