The world of Antiquity has fallen into chaos.
On the morning of September 23, 2103 the American Government secretly launched two “Dreadnoughts”, powerful, capital ships, into the seas off the east coast of America, ignoring protests from the United States Senate. The Dreadnoughts’ mission was to round up any neo-Nazi and far-right groups that could be found in the United States.
Meanwhile, in the world of Antiquity, a young wizard stumbled upon a strange book at a site of an ancient civilization. Upon opening it, he was driven off to a fantasy land and lost. What he found was only the dust of many years ago and what was not there when he found the book, no longer existed.
The wizard was the bearer of the book. Now he must venture forth into the world of Antiquity to right the wrongs of the past. His mission, to restore balance to the land and free the world from the threat of Nazi tyranny.
And so, adventurers from across the world have come into a new land, the last remnants of the world of Antiquity. Your mission, to find out the meaning of all this. How to make sense of this world and restore it to it’s former glory.

This game is currently a true retro-clone! That means that it is a legacy of a really ancient game system, one which has been recreated by using the same visual representation, and very little more! It is not an exact copy of the original game though, but a true-to-retro homage to it. It retains all the gameplay elements such as combat, inventory, and the ability to transform yourself into various forms of fantasy creatures with unique abilities as described in the game manual. While the underlying engine is shared with the original American Theft (1979), there are a few features such as the ability to freely walk anywhere within the game space as well as the ability to freely use doors and different paths to reach any location, with no loading screens! More information about the technical aspects of the game will be given in the readme.
The game manual is currently incomplete, and has only a vague outline for the game. You can find the readme in the archive.

Also available:

The American Theft WWII (abandoned and unpublished on account of the addition of the finishing milestone 1.0) – The sequel to American Theft 80s!

English: “A game,


Below Kryll Features Key:

  • New scenario : North Jersey Coast Line.
  • New Destination : Toms River


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Workshop Simulator is a first person conversion of a fan game from the game Z-Racer.
The game starts out with you arriving at your grandparents home to help your grandmother at her workshop.
What do you get?
– join the fun of a vintage restoration, as you enjoy the most relaxing and peaceful tinkering experience.
– feel the joy of turning the old into pristine condition again
– imagine a surprising and heartwarming story about your family
– admire your own creations with emotions
– get attached to your items
How does it work?
Simply put:
– there’s lots of hammering, repairing, painting, etc. in the workshop
– you’ll be able to interact with objects to find out about their history, and use them
– you’ll get to be in the shoes of your family
– get to talk and tell the story of the object
What do I need?
Supported High End PCs:
– Windows 7, 8.1, 10
– 4.2 Ghz Processor and 8 GB RAM
– up to 7GB video memory
What can it do?
Workshop Simulator is very different from other niche games.
It’s not a game in which you have to destroy your family’s blood-line, if you want to keep your family together.
It’s different in every sense of the word.
It’s a story-driven, emotional experience about restoring things, meeting new people, and stumbling upon surprises.
The game contains plenty of little things, making this game not just a game for retro-fans, but a game for all kind of gamers.
– Campaign: You’ll be able to travel through the different areas of a gorgeous, vintage country-garden and explore it, encountering and meeting different events and people
– Tinkering: In this game, you’ll be able to repair things, fix them, paint them, and clean them. You’ll have to pay attention to your environment, and observe the different opportunities
– Metacritic: 90%
– Steam PC review: “So much to love! From the quirky, colorful world, to the lovingly crafted story. To the puzzles. To the interactive objects. Yes! The objects. There’s so much to love about the objects in this game that it’s hard to pick one thing to love about them. Just sit back and enjoy the little details that make this game shine”
– Ease of Use:


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• The Dwarves are now angry and want revenge! Start cooking your stew at home, get more dough and have a party with your friends.
• Add stinging nets, chucks of pitch, pitons, and more to the tinker’s workshop.
• Lots of fun and replayability.
Gameplay Start cooking at home to prepare your next dish and fight through various battle maps.
• Free upgrades and customizations for your tinker.
• 8+ maps including a snow map and a nighttime map.
• Endless replayability and fun.

Cooking Time: Play through the day and night and try to survive longer than your opponent.
Classic game of tank battle, with physics, where you must defeat all opponents to go on in the game and increase your country’s score.
Key features:
• High graphics in this retro strategy game
• Free to play!
• 4 different maps and 80+ enemies
• 9 tanks, 3 of them serve as army commander!

It’s a new kind of platformer! Fight your way through various colourful worlds, collect your treasure, avoid the foes and have a fun time on your way!
Classic game of tank battle, with physics, where you must defeat all opponents to go on in the game and increase your country’s score.
Key features:
• Dynamic graphics!
• 3 different worlds and over 30 unique enemies
• 8 tanks, 3 of them serve as army commander!

Play as a baby dinosaur in this wonderful world, where everyone has some kind of weapon to shoot. Be careful, if you eat anything you’ll die.
The sun never sets in this endless world. It’s a sun and moon cycle game! Play the main game and collect coins, buy upgrades and weapons. Collect stars to unlock all kinds of goodies in the shop.
Key features:
• More than 12 worlds and over 400 stages
• A dynamic music
• A story to tell

Battle the apocalyptic hordes in this turn-based strategy game!

Play as the last human or the last dragon. Fight for your life against the hordes of the apocalypse, while building the strongest army.
Pick your unit, command them and direct their skills. Assemble an army of super fighters and take them to the final battle against the incoming hordes of monsters.
Key features:
• Choose between the 3 races (dragon, human, zombie)
• 3


What’s new in Below Kryll:

    : Track #5 – Lord Pain (A Hero Meets A Goddess)

    A Hero Meets A Goddess… Lord Pain

    “The heme are free.” The world is invaded by a dangerous race of sentient beings from the silver dimension. Midsummer, the beginning of a normal summer day. “The ribbon monster appears again, …” Ryuji says, the red of the ribbon monster’s hair, eyes, and clothes bestowing immensity upon the translucent pigments. The ribbon monster-tribal princess is here. She was called “Fish.” “We are invaded by an enemy, you five should hurry and return to Onomichi.” Iris, Sakarina, and the rest were worried about the Onomichi Beacon and its original wardens. However, the Manakibi Highway was filled with numerous boxes. The first one was a glittering treasure. Yet, where was the rest of the store’s contents? Was it nearby? With the four of them rushing around, a misunderstanding occurred. “What is this, what kind of place is this…?!” They were transported to an unknown world. “What’s this? Why is this place so strange…?!” Ryuji, who was bewildered, made his way alone and, which was a tidbit of information unknown to them before, entered the dungeon.

    (which is like having no roof and being hit by tremors, I’ve come to the beach, but you’re all sheltering over there, leaving your hakama and your ojisan behind… huh-huh… huh-huh.) “A coral tower.” Ryuji thought as he saw the coral tower. “A tower base.” The jounin placed his hand on his forehead. “In the crystal matrix, a crystalline tower.” He looked in all directions in the hallway. His hand never left the hilt of his katana. An artificial net was hung. The path led on high. Taking no notice of the passage, he continued forward. He was heading towards the crystalline tower, but he did not know what he was moving towards and, more importantly, who he was moving towards.

    Ryuji continued onward, his gaze sweeping the hallway. Crimson armour was revealed as his eyes fell on a statue of a knight. The helmet also had


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    Adventure game. Your mission is to master the world of Deep Web.
    Use the best tools and technology to go deep in the web.
    Discover the mysteries of human mind, get yourself addicted.
    DeepWeb was released in a pirate-proof container.
    It is legal to buy the game or get your free copy from the author.
    If you would like to support the composer, you can buy the soundtrack.
    The soundtrack is available for download and can be purchased on Bandcamp.
    Backer names as on the disc.
    The music to DeepWeb was composed and performed by Andrew Kokhan.
    He has released another 2-track album.
    Table of Contents:
    01. Intro
    02. Main Menu
    03. Photo Station
    04. Animated Wallpaper
    05. Story
    06. New Menu
    07. Chapte
    08. Mini-game intro
    09. Mini-game game
    10. Main Menu
    11. Start Game
    12. The Return of Trichon
    13. Hitchhiking
    14. An Old Friend
    15. Mini-game intro
    16. Mini-game game
    17. Room 1
    18. Room 2
    19. Room 3
    20. Room 4
    21. Room 5
    22. Room 6
    23. Room 7
    24. Room 8
    25. Room 9
    26. Room 10
    27. Room 11
    28. Room 12
    29. Room 13
    30. Room 14
    31. Room 15
    32. Room 16
    33. Room 17
    34. Room 18
    35. Room 19
    36. Room 20
    37. Room 21
    38. Room 22
    39. Room 23
    40. Room 24
    41. Room 25
    42. Room 26
    43. Room 27
    44. Room 28
    45. Room 29
    46. Room 30
    47. Room 31
    48. Room 32
    49. Room 33
    50. Room 34
    51. Room 35
    52. Room 36
    53. Room 37
    54. Room 38
    55. Room 39
    56. Room 40
    57. Room 41
    58. Room 42
    59. Room 43
    60. Room 44
    61. Room 45
    62. Room 46
    63. Room 47
    64. Room 48
    65. Room 49
    66. Room 50
    67. Room 51
    68. Room 52
    69. Room 53
    70. Room 54


    How To Crack Below Kryll:

  • 1. First of all download Installer here[Qubika 4.2.1]
  • 2. Extract & Run this installer
  • 3. Wait for installation
  • 4. when done go to Github then click on Clone or download
  • 5. In github Select the master branch to go to directory where Addons folder is then select it
  • 6. Copy Addons folder from Addons in GitHub folder to Addons folder of game

Here are some problems:

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