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They have different download methods. Windows users can download them via the browsers, Outwiker with a group of Webste users can download by drag and drop method, IRASEM users can download it via direct MyDolphin – a browser extension. Download is available in various different languages including English , Chinese , Spanish , French ,

We want to share their love with you. We, obviously, don’t mean you have to use them in order to be considered their “friend.” The reason we want to share their love is because they make the internet a better place for us. While they also don’t get a lot of credit for it, they help millions of other people find games, music, movies, TV shows, software, and more. We don’t want to be sad that they’re out of the internet, and we don’t want them to face any hardship while they’re still doing all of this great work.

We think that the owners of our website are honest and fair-minded people who do not harm anyone or anything. And they let you use the file in a safe environment without affecting your data. Besides all the utilities that they put on the website and the service you provide, you have the ability to choose what you download. And their activity will not affect or harm your device in any way.


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