This section houses just one of the many categories of torrent sites that have been listed in this article. Here, you can download a torrent file so that you can download an e-book that you like. This category is mostly for torrents that are related to movies, TV series, and much more. You will find torrents related to your favorite TV series. Once you select one, you can download that torrent file. The site also allows members to comment and give advice.

You can find the torrent files of your favorite TV series and episodes on The Pirate Bay. It has sections for Movies, TV shows and Music. In case you have not watched the show, you can at least see how the series was billed. The website contains a host of TV shows which are free to download.

A Kindle book store website is a great place to get free eBooks for your Kindle or Kindle Fire. This site offers a huge collection of eBooks for you to download for free. So whether you are a student, a professional or just a reader, you can get a lot of free eBooks from this site. The only drawback here is the lack of searchable categories, but this does not prevent you from searching for your book of interest in the site.

This site is specifically designed for computer users. The site boasts a big collection of all the popular software. For example, you will get the complete versions of Microsoft Windows, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, and Linux. The site also allows you to download the latest free software such as Mac utility software, to fix system errors, viruses and spyware, perform system maintenance, configure system settings, recover lost data, and much more.


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