6. Any2MP4 – I found this site when I was searching for “DVD to MP4 converter” and was surprised by the https://filebear.org/tag/cubase/ amount of software it provided me, and some cracked ones to boot. It also has an app for windows phone that allows you to convert your DVD to MP4 https://winbear.net/tag/yousician/ and watch on your phone.

8. Softpedia – This is a smaller site with a decent collection of cracked softwares, although I don’t think it’s as extensive as some of these sites listed above. It usually has a new cracked software out every other day.

9. TheBestOfSoft – TheBestOfSoft is my favorite cracked software site as of right now. Mostly due to the large selection of cracked softwares provided as well as the fact that it has a dedicated forum to discuss all things cracked software, this site gives you many advantages in which you’ll spend more time downloading a cracked software than on anything else.

I will now tell you my trusted sites. They are the ones I either used and trusted the most. They are some of the best and most trusted sites for software download for windows 7. You know they are trusted when I trust them but haven’t tried them myself and they continue to provide me with tools for an unfun journey to crack software.

So hopefully, after reading this post, you have learned a thing or two about some of the most comprehensive sites that you can use to download cracked software for windows. Keep an eye on this site as I’ll be updating it when new software is added and to find cracked software that you might not have heard of in the first place. So stay tuned as I continue to share with you more on how to download crack software for windows.


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