If you’re looking for an original torrent website (aside from 1337x), or looking for a download site with good special offers, I can recommend to you SoftwareTopaz. The website is designed in the style of a search engine, where you can type in a search term or search by type of content. We highlight SoftwareTopaz’s great features in the box below.

SoftwareTopaz allows you to download cracked software, music, movies, games, and software, but be warned it’s a bit of a time waster. You’ll need to download the software and click the Get Softrack or Get Mediafire button to get started. This way you can download cracked software in no time.

The cool thing about snapfiles is that it’s so easy. If you already know what you want to download, you can just type it in the search bar above. If not, you can browse for your favorite type of content. And if you’re like me, you’re addicted to the random search button. You can find absolutely anything in no time.

If you’re a user of cracked software, you’ve probably heard of GameStop. You can find GameStop in almost every town and perhaps you even know what it’s up to. It’s a huge collection of games, from consoles to handhelds, and PC games too. What sets GameStop apart from others is the prices it’s offering. Almost every game comes with a percent discount compared to its regular price, and most of them go for half off or below.

The folks over at iSkin.com are one of my favorite sites to download cracked software for pc. They’ve made it so easy to find any cracked software, all you have to do is search the software they offer, and it’ll show you all the places it’s available.



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