This is an example of a DOS attack where youre just trying to get inside a software. DOS, as a word suggests, is a Denial of Service attack against a server. But in reality, it isnt much more than a really bad password or misleading file name or URL. Theyre so easy, it doesnt even matter if you dont know what youre doing. But like all bad things, there is a way to clean up after your DOS attack.

Most of the time, finding cracked software is just a matter of searching for the software in question and clicking on the download link. But there are sites and forums where you can download cracked software in a more organized fashion.

This is a website that offers cracked games at discount prices. From time to time the website is taken down so there are no numbers to look up, but Im sure someone will keep that list up to date if youre looking to score a game for cheap.

The best way to download software is by using a site such as the one Ive discussed in this list of hacked sites. Most of them have a single file that you click and the software is ready to download. There are some sites that offer a bunch of different software. But in most cases you will get what youre looking for

Ive used WarezMafia in the past and every time its been a great site. It scans for cracks first to make sure that you are getting legit content. And second, it lets you download the cracked versions of the software for free. Most of the time, you have to log in to use the site, but most of them let you use it anonymously. Why would you need to log in if your not trying to sell anything?


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