You may never consider us for your games in the future, but dont forget that weve also got a lot of other products for sale too, like apps, music, movies, TV shows, movies and even books. In 2020, we compiled a list of the best sites to torrent books according to website privacy, filetype, readability, quality and interactivity. Check our list of the best websites to download books free to find a good fit for you.

KRaK offers over 24 million cracked software to download, and they cover everything from video games and multimedia to software and utilities. Even if youre looking for, say, audio, video or iPhone apps, youll find what youre after here. The only downside is that KRaK uploads a lot of non-crack software that wont work unless you crack it. Theres also the matter of extra process and then having the crack to apply. Of course, both of these are optional, which makes it worth it.

Ahh torrent, the internet utility that everyone loves, and hates at the same time. If your first reaction to the word torrent is a twisted smile then youre about to learn something new. Torrent sites are a great place to snag your favorite games and music, as well as some of your favorite TV shows and movies. However, things arent always as they seem on these torrent sites, as they dont always keep the best on their servers. Always be sure to check out the torrent tracker listing and see what software the site has to offer, and at the same time, always be weary of downloading from sites with dodgy content.

Infrarecords isnt your typical torrent site. For starters, it doesnt allow users to download torrents through a browser. This thing is all about the command line and a torrent client. For the most part, it may be a bit over the head of most users. However, if youre a die hard fan of torrents, youll easily get the hang of it.


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