Libgen is known to be one of the best sites to download torrents and e-books. It is a place where you can download almost all the torrents to be found anywhere in the world. It offers everything, be it movies, books, songs, software or pretty much everything you can think of. And the best part of this site is that it has a massive library of e-books. They even have a separate category for e-books.

Book-Share is the best torrent site if youre seeking nothing else other than e-books. Youll find almost every genre on this site. Moreover, it has an impressive list of categories for easy browsing; a feature that lacks on other torrent sites. You can even search for books as per their author, title, or subject. As of now, there are more than 4,00,000 books, and that is huge! Since this site is dedicated to e-books, its a brilliant option for avid readers.

In this modern world, people spend most of their time downloading softwares, games, videos, and an other stuff from the internet. It is a very tedious task and often, they come across the illegal ways of download softwares and games. There are numerous sites available on the internet that provide this type of content. But not all the sites are genuine and might have been overburdened by malicious items.

The banned websites list is the section where you will find many famous torrents that you might not have heard of. It is the best section on the pirate bay because everything listed here are the real origin torrents. Banner50 has the ability to give you the most complete set of the popular torrents on the Internet. If you have a hard time searching the websites for the torrents, there is no need to look for them anymore because they got the thing all wrapped up. This is a site you will want to bookmark.


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