Full featured, new releases, have a search box, virus protection, no ad. There are simply no games here. Looks like another site from the same developer? Not sure who it is, https://4windows.net/mkv-player-download-patched-serial-key/#MKV_Player_Full_nulled__Registration_key_For_Windows but if it’s legit it’ll probably go down in the rankings soon. Took 2-3 seconds https://4windows.net/tor-browser-full-repack-latest-update-22/#Tor_browser_Features to load and install.

This site is fairly new, but looks nice. It has many features, like Cracks of Popular Apps, free games, speed test, and download, Multiple Downloads simultaneously.

GrowPop is a good site. Has links to free games, Virus Total, speed test, and CNET. Has lots of games you can download. Connect to random sites when you download. They are controlled by a group of users, so you don’t have to worry about malicious ads.

That site is the best i found to download apps through torrent. It just download apps made by a user. I asked this question at other sites and many people have some sites but most of them fake their user name. The best site i used to download apps through torrent and what’s cool in that site is it supports 7zip or WinRAR, so if you have any unpacked app in 7zip or WinRAR you can extract it easily.

Hi, An I correct you that the downloads from this website are not legal, you can go to this website and download the cracked and modded apps and then the games. Its not illegal because its not sending the cracked and modded apps. That website just sends the cracked and modded apps in their download section. But you can definitely download crack and mods sites from other sites like this. But, I m talking about the downloads from this website in their download section you can download crack and mods apps.



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