comes with a cute animal name “Mealy”. It is an amazing website for downloading pc crack software with a long long list of cracked software for downloads. They update their list very often so you can have a new crack softwares every time you visit them for the downloads. Sometimes the downloads are already updated with the new software, so you need to remember to get the updates when you visit this site. There is a small section for full version software for download like Office, AutoCAD etc.

CrackBox.Internet is another good website to download cracked software for pc. They work as a middleman between users and the creators of software and provides them an ideal place to upload their software and give it a crack. CrackBox portal has a gigantic collection of software in a short period of time and a good part of them are exclusive or they are very rare. The downside is that the site does not upload any crack software for desktops as there is a separate portal for that.

Gogrippers have a specific demand of software as they believe that cracking only the cracked software is a very legit activity and so they create cracks for some expensive software like Dreamweaver and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

CRACKED Download is another website where the owner does not only publish cracked software but also files you can not download. Thus, you can download creative class files, mp3, video, pics and such. I did not keep this website as a favorite because of this whole leaking of files part. But, some of their software is worthy though.

I used to be a part of this website and was able to download cracked software for free. Sezmy download is another underground software for the downloaders. They provide you with a dynamic download portal for all sort of software. They accept many different payment types like direct credit card, paypal, bitcoin etc. They always provide a crack and they never miss a beat.


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