BTitan is yet another excellent torrent site with the best collection of free games. They have a custom game development team as well. So, you can expect custom games for free from them. The torrent client is pretty fast and the website itself is very user friendly. They often run promotions where you get rewards for joining and referring new users.

The Pirate Bay is one of the oldest websites to download free PC games. Although the content is somewhat messy and some of the formats are not supported anymore, the content is still very up to date. The site is indexed by Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. and provides mostly torrents for the latest Windows games. Weve listed the main categories of games in our article on the best websites to download PC games.

A really great list. I have noticed that the number of listed files for each category are increasing over time. I believe that this is indeed a great resource for finding cracked software. One minor suggestion would be to include the trending category on the first tab, as it is quicker to scroll through.

Thanks a lot for the great article. We can strongly agree with the fact that torrents are the only place to download software that is 100% legal. We are the owner of an excellent torrent site that provides almost all kinds of applications in the market. We constantly strive to provide the best solution for the torrenting activities and we offer various features like fast downloads, simple navigation, and simple search facility. For the latest versions of the software, we have also provided an OTA updater so that people can get the new version with a single click.


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