If you like, you can even add a link to your site to your page after you click to download. Like on the other sites, there’s a little Sign Up button at the top of the page, https://thecracks.net/category/business-tools/page/8/ and a Free Download button on the right-hand side. Underneath the download link, you’ll find a counter that tells you how many days you’ve been a member, which is pretty damn cool.

If you want more games, you can add Add to My Favorites, which lets you add them https://thecracks.net/category/business-tools/page/9/ to a designated category, and then give them a Favorite icon. As you add different categories, it will automatically be placed in a new tab, and then, at the bottom of the tab, you’ll find the Recent Category list. From here you can either download a torrent link https://thecracks.net/download-kaspersky-antivirus-full-nulled-latest-version/ or upload your own link to a free download folder.

If you want to find similar downloads based on the game you’re downloading, there are several options for that. First, you can Download Similar, which scans your computer for similar apps in the same category, and then lets you download them all at once. Second, you can Download More, which scans your computer for similar apps, then scans the internet for more games in the same category. This option is like Download Similar, but it lets you download the game you’re currently downloading, which is an extra convenience.

The end result is the same on all sites: a neat little interface where you can add games from many sources, find similar downloads, and add them to your download list. The only real difference is that their approach to finding games is a bit different, and they handle privacy and security differently. We’ve chosen to display what we consider the best sites on the chart above to give you a good place to start.



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