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How can I determine which cores will be available?

Most systems have multiple cores, and if I have a dual-core CPU, I should get only half the performance of a system with only one CPU core.
Is there any information that an operating system can gather from a system that can indicate if it will be able to use multiple cores? Ideally, I’d like to measure this myself, but on Windows machines it looks like Device Manager can’t do it, and GKSU won’t report it.


The only OS you can control is Windows. The other OSs (Mac, UNIX, etc.) have nothing to do with this.
It’s very difficult to enable or disable cores on a machine. They are either enabled by BIOS or they are not. Both Linux and Windows 8/7 enable/disable them by assigning them to a processor group, meaning the OS has a mechanism to switch cores when it needs to (such as running an intensive calculation in one core and a less intensive one in another core when the first core begins to bog down). However, the OS has no way of knowing

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