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The platform allows users to create and develop games including apps, expansion packs, stories, characters, worlds, and more. The content creation process is done using a visual builder similar to those found in Second Life or Minecraft. Once a game is developed, it can be hosted by Roblox servers and played by anyone that has an account with the platform.
There are three server types—personal, game, and public. Server types differ in the time and cost they charge for hosting games and apps. Personal servers are free and can be downloaded by anyone with an account, but they are limited to only one game or app. Game servers are available to anyone that has purchased a paid account, and users can host multiple games or apps on their server for a small fee. Public servers are paid servers and can be used by anyone without an account.
Unlike many other platforms, Roblox games are not predefined, but rather completely customizable. The visual builder is primarily made up of two elements—animations, and objects. Objects, which include people, vehicles, and environment, can be custom-created by users and can be used in any scenario. The animations that appear in Roblox games include movement, physics, and other properties of the created object. Also unlike other platforms, Roblox supports custom animations that can be programmed by users. The programming language is Lua, and Roblox introduced the first version of the language in January 2007. Since then, the platform has added many features to the language, including an economy with the introduction of their in-game virtual currency in August 2010.
Users, developers, and publishers create and publish games and apps directly on Roblox through an intuitive interface. To start, users search for or browse game ideas on Roblox. Once an idea is found, users can choose to create the game’s title, description, tagline, and preview before starting to code. After a game is created, users can preview it using the builder. This in-game preview is similar to a sandbox that provides a preview of the desired game and is available on all server types. If the game is approved, users are given their code, which they can edit with the platform’s editing tools. Once a user has finished editing their game, they can share it with others.
If a user plans on publishing their game, they can opt to create a private server or a public server. Private servers, which cost US$9.99 a month, are accessible to only their users.


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About the game:

In this custom-made Roblox game, you have to fly around the many levels. Your goal is to destroy everything on this map. You start out of a submarine and must get off the submarine. In addition, you have to fight a huge boss monster in a maze with many small monsters to fight on each level. Just play this Roblox game. Fly around as much as you can and solve all the puzzles!

#Bonus Item
There are quite a few bonus items. Now you can collect all the different items in one place. Take a look at our bonus item list:

✪#Bonus Item No. 1
Make a Bomb by collecting the Plastic items.

✪#Bonus Item No. 2
Get Money for successful use of the Text editor.

✪#Bonus Item No. 3
Collect the easter eggs to gain even more Robux!

✪#Bonus Item No. 4
There are only 2 pieces of paper remaining.

✪#Bonus Item No. 5
The next level has 2 Submarines. There are new bonuses that you need to get by destroying the Submarine.

✪#Bonus Item No. 6
You can’t get any more money than you already have.

How to play:

But first, you have to catch a ride on the submarine. You can enter the submarine with the blue door in the top left corner of your map. When entering the submarine, you get very limited amounts of time to collect the items. Catch a ride on the submarine and get your bonus items ready!

When catching a ride, you see a timer. That timer counts up to a certain time limit. You have to catch a ride in the time limit and catch your submarine before it explodes. Therefore you have only a limited amount of time to collect the items.

Collect the 6 bonus items and enter the next submarine. One submarine for each bonus item. Then take a look at your map to take a look what you can do next.

What you will need:

When you want to play this Roblox game, you need some points to buy stuff. You can gain extra Robux by destroying objects. Here you find some tips to gain robux.

✪#1) Fight enemies with weapons
You can gain a lot of extra robux if you destroy


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Name can you play games to get robux
Publisher hasoke
Format File
Rating 4.72 / 5 ( 8085 votes )
Update (11 days ago)


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