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I’ve run a few different DDL scripts on it, including:
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But that’s all I could find!


Ok, figured it out myself. Someone had run a PowerShell script to boot-the-machine using my account. This overwrote my configs for network connections.

SS Utzon

SS Utzon is a Norwegian ship that was built in 1913 by Herr in Stockholm, Sweden, in service with Norwegian shipping companies until she was sold for scrapping in 1953.

Built in 1913, the ship operated in the North Sea for Norske Skog. The ship’s name was changed from Norske Skog after a political conflict between the owner and the government.

On 15 October 1920, a time-expired liner ticket was issued to a man in Bergen who was allowed to board the vessel. Norwegian authorities issued an international arrest warrant for the individual, who was later tracked down and arrested in London.


Category:1913 ships
Category:Ships of Norway
Category:Ships built in Stockholm
Category:Ships of the Norwegian Paneuropean and European Sea Trade Directorate

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Ipsilateral, perisaccular injection of ipsilateral and contralateral s.c. or perisaccular injection of intrafascicular s.c. were made in 56 rabbits. After 3 days of injection, the infraorbital nerve was studied by light and electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry. In comparison with empty nerve fascicles in controls, perisaccular injection of ipsilateral and contralateral s.c. produced alterations in myelinated and unmyelinated axons that were associated with a modest and transient pain response. These changes were similar and in two ways consisted with those previously described after subcutaneous injection of steroids. First, they lasted more than 3 days, the time after which subcutaneous administration of steroids is tolerated. Second, the changes were predominantly confined to the peripheral region of the nerve, contrasting with the “top down” effects usually produced by subcutaneous administration. Intrafascicular s.c. injection produced similar effects as those produced by perisaccular injection; however, it produced longer lasting and more severe changes in myelinated and unmyelinated axons, which were associated with a considerable pain response. These changes were not as limited as in the perisaccular route and were not associated with the development of secondary, distal inflammatory changes. The results support the view that inflammation, at least at the local level, can be produced by the effect of local steroids on the nerves themselves and not on structures distal to them.According to the reports, Vasquez was sleeping in his SUV in the parking lot of the Sutter Street bar and restaurant at about 11 p.m. when two men entered the vehicle, and one of the men stabbed him in the neck.

Both men are described as being Hispanic. One was wearing a full-face mask.

Vasquez is taken to the San Francisco General Hospital, where he is in critical condition. He was dropped off at the hospital about 8 p.m.

San Francisco police say they are working on an arrest warrant for the suspect, and is searching for a second suspect who

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