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Well, your problem is you’re calling “String(mystring)” instead of “mystring”.
Swift is NOT Java.
I’m betting that you are using the Swift Playground, which is a simple playground where you can get basic Swift syntax working.
With Swift Playground, you’re not going to see the debugger showing you anything.
You can use the Playground to experiment and get stuff working, but you should start programming actual applications in Playground because Playground is not a full-featured IDE.
There is no easy way to debug the Playground, so you can’t see anything when the app crashes, unless you switch to the Debug navigator, which I suggest you start doing.
No way I know of to control allocation of memory in a Playground.
The Playground just creates an environment where you can write Swift code.
If you want to debug your actual application, you will have to get it in a simulator, which means you can get more interesting diagnostics than from Playground.
Anyway, back to the subject.
You can’t simply call “String(mystring)” because the compiler is translating this to “Objective-C” code.
So, in Swift, String is not a class, it’s an interface (has methods), and the “Objective-C” name of this is NSString.
My bet is that you forgot to #import , which is the foundation of Swift’s Foundation framework.
Anyway, read something about Foundation to understand how Swift works.
Google “Swift foundation”, or whatever your language is called.


c# call a function from another method

I have a lot of code in my method, and i want to make a loop so when one method finish the job it calls the method after.
Here is the function that need to be called in another method :
static string retreiverOnglets(string ID)
if (Session[“Ids”].ToString()!= ID)
return GetOnglets(ID).ToString();

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In this paper, we describe the design, simulation and experimental verification of a 10Gb/s DPSK (differential phase shift keying) optical modulator based on a fiber-integrated acousto-optic (AO) modulator. A proof-of-concept device is fabricated by using a photoresist SU8 layer with different structure pattern to form the device as well as ground, signal and feedback electrodes. The modulated light transmitted through the device is then measured by a spectrum analyzer. The electrical modulator performance is evaluated by the voltage-optical power conversion efficiency and BER of bit 1/bit 0 with different applied voltages and different signal-to-noise ratios. The results obtained from both simulation and experiments show that the AO modulator has no optical loss and can achieve a modulation depth of up to 90% (3dB) at 10Gb/s, and an average BER of better than 10-4 is demonstrated even under the worst-case scenario.When Wall Street executives such as JPMorgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon, Citi’s CEO Michael Corbat, and Goldman Sachs’ CEO Lloyd Blankfein go to a gathering of leading fund managers at the Davos Economic Forum, it’s not to give a talk or pitch to the investors in their funds.

The CEOs are there to meet with the investors that run the funds whose money they manage.

Gates does not have that kind

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