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First published in 1990 Second edition published in 1995 Third, fourth and fifth editions published in 1998 and 2003.

Chapter I. The Challenging Sale of the Circus.

Chapter 1. Cultural Change at the Circus.

Chapter 2. The Circuses: A Worldwide Phenomenon.

Chapter 3. Types of Circuses.

Chapter 4. Central Europe.

Chapter 5. Europe.

Chapter 6. Ireland and Britain.

Chapter 7. The Circuses of the United States.

Chapter 8. The Circuses of South America.

Chapter 9. The Circuses of Australia.

Chapter 10. The Circuses of Oceania.

Chapter 11. The Third World.

Chapter 12. The Challenge of the Developing Countries.

Chapter 13. The Question of Death.

Chapter 14. The Careers of the Circus Performer.

Chapter 15. The Education of the Performer.

Chapter 16. Welfare for the Performer.

Chapter 17. Welfare for the Contingent Worker in the Circus.

Chapter 18. The Performer’s Environment.

Chapter 19. The Performer’s Union.

Chapter 20. The Performer’s Act.

Chapter 21. Illnesses and Disability.

Chapter 22. Methods of Insuring Circus Performers against Injury.

Chapter 23. Medical Care in the Circus.

Chapter 24. The Performing Days.

Chapter 25. The Circus as a Cultural Institution.

Chapter 26. How to Meet the Challenges of the Third World.

Chapter 27. A Digression Concerning the Circus and the Arts.