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[a] Active and proven power in the field of construction, from cars and by Swiss experts to travel and small businesses, the manufacturer of Ammann will soon offer a new range of products produced by him, including equipment for [b]

Mar 24, 2015 Ammann has always been making motors and among them automobile engines have been designed in particular for demanding customers – also as motors for vehicles like the luxury version of the Sunray. The addition of this range of “EXO” series to the portfolio of Ammann is the latest in the popular “X” series. These products were designed by Ammann and offer performance that is constantly updated to meet current demands. With the new range of “X” series, Ammann continues to set the market to new heights. For the time being, the manufacturer has launched two models: the “CX” or “EXO” with a power of up to 188 hp and the larger “CB” with 320 hp. The “EXO” series will be available in summer 2016.

The engines of the “EXO” series will be available in both three-cylinder and four-cylinder versions. The engines in the new series will be more efficient, cost-effective, fuel-efficient and will have a significant reduction in emissions. The compact, lightweight six-cylinder engine can also be configured in “boxer” or “flat” style with manual or automatic transmission. Ammann will also present the hybrid version of the “X” series. This combination of features is unique in the range and offers emission-free hybrid mobility. With the “HYDRAMAX” four-cylinder engine, the hybrid version will have a combined power of more than 190 hp.

The “X” series can be ordered in manual, automatic and manual dual-clutch configurations, as well as inline and V-variant 4 cylinder and turbocharged inline engines. With the “CRO”, Ammann is offering a broad range of customers the largest possible engine in a hybrid concept with up to 500 hp. The engine of the “HYDRAMAX” has been developed for a more than 20 years. The development of the engines began in 1988 in Schanzenbach. Since then, the manufacturer has employed its own research and development team, known as “R&D”. In the engine world, there is only a limited number of reasons to acquire power. The “X” series already offers the best of all: performance, efficiency and very high


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