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Android: How to make “Android@2.2.3.apk” file

Hello Android community and I’m very new. I’m just trying to find a way to make an “Android@2.2.3.apk” file.
My problem is that I can’t find any tutorials or reference to make such thing. I’m not asking for how to make an.apk file. I’m asking to create a file with an Android version inside.
Thanks a lot!


You should change your sdk version. Like in sdk manager, if you use android-17, choose android-2.2.3.apk (only in APK section) and check it.

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1. Double-click a.CFF/.OTF font to add it to your list of fonts.
2. When you choose a font, Photoshop opens the font in Photoshop. It shows the symbol set so that you can make changes to it.
3. You can choose to preview the font in Photoshop’s own character window or go to any other Photoshop window.
4. Click the OK button to add the font to the list.
5. To remove a font from the list, click the X.
6. When you are finished previewing and selecting fonts, you can click OK to close the font dialog.
System Requirements:
Mac OSX 10.8.5 or higher – Mac App Store
*Note: This is a beta release. It is not guaranteed to work on Mac OSX Snow Leopard. (10.7) and previous
Version 1.0
11-10-2013 Major Updates
– Improved compatibility with Windows 8.x
– Fixed issues with some fonts
Version 0.8.9
– Major speedup
Version 0.8.8
– Improved compatibility with Windows 8.x
– Fixed issues with some fonts
Version 0.8.7
– Fixed an issue with some fonts
Version 0.8.6
– Improved the consistency of the Open Type symbols in the preview window
– Fixed an issue where the fonts were not loading properly
– Resolved an issue where some fonts were not working on Mac OSX 10.8
– Fixed an issue with some fonts in the Mac App Store
Version 0.8.5
– Fixed an issue with the \OPENTYPE fonts not showing the standard OS X fonts (in some cases)
– Fixed an issue with the \OPENTYPE fonts not showing the standard OS X fonts
– Added a new Show Hidden Characters option to the Font dialog
Version 0.8.4
– Fixed an issue where the font symbols could be accidentally removed from the font
– Fixed an issue where the Open Type fonts would sometimes not load properly
– Fixed an issue with some fonts when using the Mac App Store
Version 0.8.3
– Increased the size of the font dialog to make it more usable
– Added a “Show Hidden Characters” option to the font dialog
– Added a “Preview” button to the Mac App Store fonts
– Added a “File” button to the Mac App Store fonts
Version 0.8.2
– Added