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Hospitality Management and Hospitality Design – FSCH (PDF).
Gas and gas pressure regulation – FSCM (PDF).
Gas and gas pressure regulation.
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They are right: what I am really searching is this: a game that I can play *using this hardware* (I don’t care about the *real* goal of the game) (as in google earth, or Pong, for example) with low requirements, because the computer is a very weak thing at this moment (not only for office tasks, but for pleasure as well, since I hate to wait long time on the PC) and this is a really difficult task for me.
Some feedbacks:
– is there a software to run the game on windows? I really do not want to install a specific version of wine (for example because I want to play with the same version than the PC where I downloaded the game)
– I’m ok with buying a lot of games on Steam, but the thing is that I don’t want Steam to receive all my money. I mean, I’m a college student and Steam has a registration for the college students. As it’s now, I’m the only one registered (I’ve paid $10) and I’ve tried to unsubscribe from this subscription since months (I’m not sure if it was the right way). Also, I didn’t find a “unsubscribe” button, that would be a problem if I really need to stop to use Steam.
– I like the idea to use the computer as a game controller. I mean, in the Apple store I found this game that was a real game in front of me, but I had to use my fingers instead of my computer’s mouse.


You could use Google Earth for this, but you’ll still have to download the program from the Google site. For example:
You could also try out Star Chart, which will let you fly your spaceship around the globe. It’s an open source and free to use:

A geopolitical game that the US has no interest in playing – leethax

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