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Roblox is a computer game platform that has existed since 2004. Users can create 3D games, stories, animations, and experiences that are uploaded to their community web pages. The site has more than 164 million monthly users and that number is growing rapidly. Nearly half of all U.S. kids play Roblox.
The platform’s first gaming genre, Adventure, was developed in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. Roblox’s second genre, Action, was introduced in 2007. When the site first launched, the platform only allowed users to create 2D games. However, in 2010 the site was updated to allow for the creation of 3D games as well.
In 2012, Roblox released another genre called Scripting. By allowing users to create games by scripting them, the platform shifted its focus toward user-created content. In 2014 Roblox introduced the first Minecraft-inspired game, called Robloxia. In 2016, the addition of the programmable character creator was a major milestone in the platform’s history. Before this, users had to go through a lengthy development process to create their own characters.
Along with its hosting services, Roblox has also developed a company with the same name. The platform began with an online game called Chilunbao, a text-based platform that allowed players to chat, play with each other, and perform actions on the site. The online chat function is Roblox’s most well-known feature, which has continued to grow as the site has grown. The company has since moved to a social networking platform that allows users to communicate with each other.

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“Robux is the premium currency for Roblox. It is given by Robloxians to Robloxians
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This is a great mod because your roblox resources get replenished per game and not per account. This means, if you play 2 hours, your gold will be replenished.

This mod has limitations on the amount of items you can get from the in-game store. I assume the limit is 30k. If you manage to get past it (by hacking), you can still get unlimited items. These items are given to you by EA (or should be).

Be sure to tap “Apply Changes” and download and install. This will overwrite the original version of the app. I suggest, if you do this, you make a backup of your game data (this is a new mod) via the “Backup Data” button on the bottom right. Then just use the backup and rename it. This will NOT delete your game data. It just will override your original app with the hacked one.

Set your api level to 16 or higher.

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Enable Unknown Sources in Settings->Security. Now you will be able to download the APK.

After install, go to Settings->APN->APN Type:”Hailstorm”.

Open the APN Settings and look for the data you want to change. In my case, I changed “apn.roblox_server” to the IP you want. Please replace with your own


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