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Long before the internet, millions of kids roamed the woods, forests, city streets and farmland in their imaginations, solving problems and experiencing the magic of pretend. Roblox has become a globally recognized gaming destination, bringing those times back to life in an immersive experience.

From the creators of “Disney’s Pirate Islands” and “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed” comes the world’s largest social platform for play. Now everyone has the power to build their own games and play with friends in a virtual playground filled with magical worlds and unlimited possibilities. Craft your own worlds and play games with friends anytime, anywhere.

Brand Overview:

Located in the entertainment capital of the world, has quickly become the largest social platform for play. The youth-powered company is currently used by more than 164 million people around the globe, including 50 million kids between the ages of 6-17.

In the United States alone, children between the ages of 2-17 spend more than 28 hours per week playing video games online on Roblox.


At Roblox, we are developing products to reach our mission to bring back the magic of pretend play so kids can have fun and create their own imaginary worlds.

Core Values


Safety is our first priority – we believe that children can learn and play safely and with autonomy.

Openness is our second priority – innovation on Roblox is driven by the community, and if there are any suggestions or features we can add to Roblox, our goal is to have them reflect your ideas.

Honesty is our third priority – with our robust community policing policies and safeguards, we know that what we offer is a safe place.

Uniqueness is our fourth priority – Roblox doesn’t just create worlds, games and experiences for kids; it also empowers youth to become creators and individualized thinkers.

Community is our fifth priority – we understand that children cannot learn and play independently. We strive to create a community-centric experience that engages everyone from seasoned gamers to brand-new players.

Roblox Timeline:


Created by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004, Roblox is a social game platform and game creation system.


Released in 2006, Roblox began to gain a large


Features Key:


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Let’s Get Started!

If you would like have a fun office environment, you can purchase and put in a fresh dish on your desk or desk. A healthy and nutritious dish can help you feel good, too. While it could be tempting to indulge in a candy bar after work, it is actually better to go for something to eat that is a little less tempting.

The Fight!

This game can last for good number of time. It may be overly difficult for beginners to find the arms to the floor, but some practice should help. To stop this happening you must be able to generate a fair bit of power.

The quick-witted fan of athleticism and the exciting new games can devote yourself to the practice and it will prepare a fun opportunity for you in the amusement as it will assure you of a lot of thrill and fun. The game offers a lot of varieties, and you need to be satisfied by every move and position of the game. For example, you can find a basketball, baseball, football and every kind of game you can imagine. The most notable game in the category is certainly horse racing game, which involves a horse running as it uses obstacle course which is connected to a level of race. It has an element of horse racing as well as sports as well.

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Getting started

The first Roblox cheat code is “S” and it will transform your character and allow you to use in-game items and health packs for free. All you have to do is hold this cheat key and it will work in any game. You don’t even have to be online to get it. It will work in 3 days at most.

Secondly, you can go to the sign in page under “authentification” and enter “hack” for the 5-digit pin code to get the keys.

Quick Roblox tips

Go to characters

All the necessary items you need to move around the game are right there for you. Click on the character in your game. You will see it below the “hack” key (there is no need to be online). You can get to cheats for members and admins this way.

Just press “S”. Now you will see all the items available for you.

Go to accounts

If you are on the login page, you can get in “download” directly. Note that this can only be done on desktop. On the mobile version, this can be done under game accounts.

Press “S” again to transform. Now you are a different character who can move around and do things faster.

Draw in inventory

Go to items and press S. If you click “main”, you can press “Draw”.

This is especially useful when fighting. Just click your mouse around and then click the right mouse button.

Use the piano keys

As it is not common on gaming keyboards, there is a cheat where you hold down W, A, S, and D to activate and combine them like: WASDS to do weird stuff.

You can also press R to jump and jump again.

The same key combos are available for different or no objects.

Scroll through the inventory

If you hold up (shift on mobile) and click the mouse, you can scroll through the entire inventory. The fastest way to get to items, you can use the same hold-up and mouse-click technique as mentioned before.

Get free robux

To play the game without any timers, just access the menu and click “feature” and then “In game” to get the option for in-game cheat codes. The simplest one is: GRAB.

You can use this to play the game at any


What’s new:


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