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Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD






The year is 2022.
The world is plagued by alien invasion.
Your local Special Forces have been called in to fight the Fifth Column.
Pick your side and fight your way to the bomb.
5v5 Team Deathmatch
Pick up to 30 weapons at the start of the round
Select from 9 different class types, including “The Assault” for agile and deadly close combat, “The Researcher” for team and resources management and “The Medic” for revive
Play against bots or against other players in 5v5 Online Games
Pick up to 6 players into the arena and play in 1v1 mode
Realistic graphics
6 locations
Ballistic Physics
Minimal Player Interface
The Virtual Reality Version of the Classic Game
Download and play the classic version of Oscar Mike:


At last we are back with a brand new trading card game based on SteamWorld / Pilot Wings Universe, and It’s called SteamWorld Trading Card Game in my translations but you can simply say “Steam World”!
Have fun and as always Happy gaming!

Oscar Mike VR is a fast paced 5-on-5 FPS game for the Vive. Players can play as the International Special Forces or the Fifth Column. OM:VR features realistic maps and weapons that make the players feel immersed in the action.
Oscar Mike is an objective-based multiplayer first-person shooter. Players play as either the International Special Forces or the Fifth Column. The Fifth Column wants to plant and detonate a bomb at one of two bombsites, while the International Special Forces want to defuse bomb or eliminate all enemy threats.
Play online with 9 other people or by yourself against bots.
Each round will last five minutes and the match will be played best of 11 rounds.
Players can purchase weapons at the beginning of every round with money they earned from previous rounds.
The Fifth Column must plant a C4 explosive at one of two designated bomb sites labeled A or B. Players must defend their sites until the countdown finishes and the bomb detonates


Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Download Setup & CrackDOWNLOAD

Groove Coaster – COSMIC AIR WAY -Trans Mountain Express MIX- Features Key:

  • Players work together in turn-based mode using cards on the field, which act as the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Ghost Fleet Offensive Cards.
  • Each player chooses one of the six formations, including the four stand their troops in order. Each formation has advantages as well as disadvantages.
  • Coordinate your fleet with your allies, or team up with another player in a massive fleet battle! You can take part in exciting battle episodes that are played out in the background.

Use the mouse to click on a unit of your fleet. Hold SHIFT while clicking to select multiple units.

Click and drag the mouse to move a fleet unit.

Use number keys on keyboard to move a fleet unit. Pressing number key 0 will move a fleet unit back.

  • An individual fleet unit is selected by pressing number keys 1-9.
  • Press number keys up or down to order units forward or backward, respectively.
  • Press number keys left or right to order units left or right, respectively.

Arrow keys work as navigation shortcuts:

  • Left arrow – move a fleet unit forward.
  • Right arrow – move a fleet unit backward.
  • Up arrow – move a fleet unit left.
  • Down arrow – move a fleet unit right.

Hold ctrl key to drag and drop units and fleets.

Hold shift key to apply a special order:

  • If you click and hold a fleet unit on the field, the number keys will be used as usual.
  • The mouse can select multiple fleets.


Groove Coaster – COSMIC AIR WAY -Trans Mountain Express MIX- Crack License Key

Revolution Under Siege is based on the game engine, tactical system and core rules of Liberation Wars: Russian Civil War 1904-1921 ( The rules are freely usable for any type of games, historical or alternate history.
Liberation Wars: Russian Civil War 1904-1921 can also be played via the highly acclaimed PBEM system.
Although it is not necessary to have played Liberation Wars to enjoy Revolution Under Siege, the game mechanics have been designed to simulate the whole game, from first lines of combat to peace treaty.
Revolution Under Siege is an historical game, based on actual historical facts. It is designed to be played over the span of one or two games (a single game is between 2.5 to 5 hours), with a more deliberate pacing.
A French team, with the aid of volunteers from all over the world, have developed Liberation Wars: Russian Civil War 1904-1921, the real-time grand strategy game dedicated to the events of the Russian Civil War of the 1910s.
They have completely redesigned the game engine to be more accurate, and have created a huge variety of historical facts, political choices and geopolitical events to design the most complete and accurate game of a civil war ever.
This is Liberation Wars: Russian Civil War 1904-1921 for PC.
“The Russians have done well all through the war, despite the German losses and little financial help from the Entente.”
– Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the British Empire, in a telegram to the British Government regarding the outcome of the Russian Civil War
The Great War (WW1) has broken the enemy front, and many fronts are in danger of collapse. Most of the combatants are exhausted and their leaders are faced with one of the most complex problems in the history: How to end the war?
Many countries have secretly negotiated with the German allies: a new peace treaty will abolish all German occupation areas and their frontiers, including those to the south and east of the Volga. All German forces will be demobilized. The Emperor Wilhelm’s Army will be let go of their recent conquests, and must be resupplied by their allies. Furthermore, all Russian prisoners will be repatriated, and all wounded soldiers will be transported to Allied Hospitals.
The Allies, however, have serious concerns: while the Russian army has mostly recovered from the 1916 casualties, the Austrian army is still in disarray and the British army is facing a growing


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