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1997 – 2016 (w/ pictures)

The Company – Kino Der Toten

Kino Der Toten – Die Kineon Rekordboxen

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21. September 2016

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Practical stuff for anyone with a video camera

If you have a camera, you have more things to get than most people think. It is very often the case that we can give good pointers on how to get good results with a camera, but we aren’t familiar with the area in detail.

You will for example need to know whether you can be in the area you want to record, or at least in the general location where you want the scene to be recorded. You will then need to know the best locations, but also the range of locations you can get good results. You might also need to know what kind of camera you want to use.

The biggest thing is to go and see what can be recorded where. It is quite a good way to learn about everything before investing in equipment. Many big cities contain areas such as mine sites, building sites, forests, rivers and so on, which are not only good for recording, but are also good at conveying what it is like when a big


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