If youre looking for pirated or cracked software, then Bittorrent is the place to be. Theres a ton of content on offer, in categories ranging from movies and TV shows to games, music and utilities. A torrent client like uTorrent is a good way to search for and manage your torrents, although some torrent sites, like MP3 Heavens have their own clients and site-specific features.

In contrast to the other big piracy websites, Softonic is a great place for legit software downloads. Youll also find many other, frequently updated, in-depth reviews, though, so its worth a look for the million different programs you can download.

It couldnt be easier: just go to the website, paste the e-mail address for your partner or company, and send it away. Youll get an e-mail receipt with the address of the user in the recipient field, so you can start downloading immediately. There are plenty of programs out there that have cracked software, but since all of them are pirated, theyre usually not full versions and usually have some problems.

As far as we know, this is one of the top cracked software download sites out there, with all the programs you could ever need. Some of the programs on offer include games, codecs, office, video editing, programming & more. There are also more than 1,500,000 games to choose from, and all of them are cracked. The site is relatively user-friendly, so it shouldnt be a problem finding the software you need. A neat feature is the ability to sort by price, which you can do under Stores and Prices on the left.



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