This website has probably one of the most exciting websites for downloaders, they have plenty of options to choose from. Besides games, you will find stuff like scripts and software programs. They may not have the simplest interface of many sites, but if you are looking for something totally different from games, then this might be the right place.

Next, weve put together a list of the most secure torrent sites. In order to be on this list, the site youre downloading from needs to have secure and well-maintained servers, updated anti-virus software, and strong privacy and payment options. Want to get to the bottom of why its so safe? Read on for the details.

The safest torrent websites also use the BitTorrent protocol. Why? Because its one of the most popular ways for people to share files online and is known for being highly private and secure. The BitTorrent protocol is the most popular way for people to download files, like webpages, movies, music, and software.

4. Minimt Torrents: No payment is needed for the best torrent site, this site has a huge collection of cracked and full games. Minimt is the finest torrent site for Windows, with the largest number of over 1 million active users.

7. The Pirate Bay: Do you like to download movies and TV shows illegally? The Pirate Bay is the #1 torrent site of torrents, and the #1 most popular torrent site. They have a huge database of torrents, with over 12 million torrents available.

You can even select the downloader and torrent quality if you want. Torrents are divided into download speed and file size. If you want a fast one, try the second download speed rating. If youre looking for a better file size ratio, try the first download speed rating. These quality scores are based on an average of a half a dozen sites to ensure they are as accurate as possible. Fun Free Games download is also very helpful. Its filled with a ton of games. Downloading for free is easy. Just click the Download button and you can begin.

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