Hitman Go is another decent game torrent site and its been around for a decade now, so not much has changed. It was even ranked as the best game torrent site on the Internet until the Switch came out and https://winbear.net/tag/unreal-commander/ now Netflix and Humble Bundles are competing with it. Its still one of our favorites overall though.

TopTenFilms is a little more specific than some of the other sites in that they offer legal and uncut versions for movies like Batman and Iron Man, and theyve grown to have https://winbear.net/category/system/ an excellent reputation for quality movies. Their last release, Cinderella, was even called the best movie of 2015. We included them in this list for that reason.

Now, as far as the quality of torrents go, theres two types of torrents. The first is what are called downloaders, where the user helps other users to download a torrent, basically doing the legwork so other users dont have to. The other type are seeders, where the user just lets the torrent run on the site so other users can download from them. Both of these types of torrents are great if youre dealing with a network of slow, cheap internet connections.

Torrentz is a nice overall site for downloading torrents. It also keeps track of how many downloads youre doing and stops when you get to 500. Torrentz also makes it really easy to find new torrents in its database. Some of the finest torrents live on this site and it has a ton of unique content. It has some flaws though. For example, its quite difficult to find the content youre looking for, and it doesnt have a big selection of games, but it definitely has a great reputation.



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