GetGames is another place to download plenty of cracked PC games and apps, and it is the only site that offers a free demo of the software. This is a huge bonus if you are considering to try out a game or app. This is a great option for parents, as it means they can check out games and apps without sending their kids to a computer shop. It has high download speeds, and support for a number of languages. The downside is, like the other sites we have mentioned, it has no free demo, you have to pay to download one.

The best site for all PC games and software is our top free website, TorrentSearch engine. TorrentSearch is also the only site that has a free demo for all of its software. TorrentSearch is similar to other search engines, but offers direct links to torrents. The site does not care whether the torrent you want to download is cracked or not – its links are the same whether the torrent is a cracked one or a full version. This makes the site a safe place to download PC software. We also recommend TorrentSearch engine because it offers a lot of cool features such as voting and a countdown to the release of a new game. The downside is its not the fastest site, but if you need something quick, you can download the torrent file directly from TorrentSearch.

The other huge bonus to torrents is that there is usually no registration required to download them. And the great thing about torrents is that you can download the files directly from the website. So, if you want to download a game, you can pretty much do that straight from its website.


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