The Pirate Bay is an internet underground website, and it is widely known as a repository of torrents, and it has a range of other content that are useful. But the real reason as to why The Pirate Bay is the first on the list of cracked software download sites is because it is also home to a huge collection of cracked software. There’s a lot of useful Windows programs, and you can download them without a hitch.

RUM is an independent online gaming company and you can find games for all different types of platform such as PC, Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Android, iOS and many more. The site is very user-friendly, the downloads can be shared and others can download them without problems, you can also download for as low as $.97. You’ll also find a lot of cracked and free software on RUM.

This site only lists programs that have been cracked. But the site has a large collection that is really useful and good looking. They have a customized layout that makes it look really beautiful, and it also has a good selection of cracked software. But once in a while it may be misleading, but it’s mostly safe.

One of the popular and easiest sites to download the free torrents, rTorrent is and awesome site. Does the job and does it well at that! What I love about it is that you can make your own folders to organize where you want them to download and have separate listings so you don’t have the whole app going on. But if that was your main reason for using the site. The main appeal of rTorrent for me is that it supports multiple clients. I have encountered multiple bugs with it over the years but most of them have been easy to fix with maybe a restart.


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