Nova-Torrents is a peer-to-peer file sharing website based on the eponymous application. This is a very popular website for downloading movies and other torrents like games and softwares. Download the source code here.

The Pirate Bay is one of the largest and most famous torrent download websites, and is among the best torrent sites online. The Pirate Bay is hosted on a FreeBSD box, and the website and tracker runs on a linux distribution which is a powerful operating system. Hence, its the most stable torrent site you can download with.

If youre looking to download games or apps with a new or cracked version, then Best Game Repacks is the best website to get them. This website has over 150 games to download with cracked games, demos and patches. Its a great opportunity for game-lovers to download all their desired games or apps in one place. You can find the cracked version of your all favorite games with many other exciting online games in this website. Also, its a perfect website to help you get hold of the latest games and the top trending games.

If youre looking to download movies or TV shows, then Watch Torrents is a great website for movie lovers. You can easily download Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Also, this website is a great place to get hold of your favorite TV shows. This website has also a selection of TV shows based on romance, comedy, movies, TV shows and much more. Also, you can access the latest Movies and TV shows with a wide range of genres and languages in this website.

NDSM Torrents is a good website to download cracked game ISO, movies, and software. As it is a growing website so it has a huge collection of free games, anime, movies, TV shows and cracked software. You can download cracked softwares like 7zip, Power ISO etc. Its also a good place to download cracked games and softwares at a lower price. This website offers a lot of attractive plans and bundles for a limited period. Also, you can subscribe to torrents daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

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