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Go to, download the GameHax Installer and run it. Then, you will have to download and install the GameHax Launch Tool. GameHax itself is fairly easy to use, and theres a ton of information regarding how to get games free on this site.

Thats what this website is all about. Its a website for hardcore cheat devices which are available for download. These software tools are used for getting free games in a secure manner. If you are a razer fan of the flash tools or would like to customize your game then this site is for you. It is the best site to get flash games like GTA San Andreas for free.

Although Cheat Happens mainly focuses on how to get free games, it also houses a good number of cracked games. The site does not provide a wide range of games, but the ones that are present are all amazing. It is the best place to get free GTA San Andreas as well as other games like GTA San Andreas, God of War, Unreal Tournament 2004, and more.


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