Always be mindful of local legislation when downloading torrents and dont engage in illegal behavior. Read our full article below for more information about our choices for this list of the best torrent sites for gaming, and pick up some useful security tips while youre at it.

The site can be a bit slow and not everyone will like the process of creating a download, but there’s a lot to like about TorrentCouch. The search tool is one of the best, and you can use it to search by file extension, size, description, and any number of other parameters. And for its easy-to-use layout, its popularity, and its mission to help free file sharing, it’s one of the best.

The site is a good place to start if youre looking to download a small application, because there are no size restrictions, unlike most other sites. To upload files, theres a big blue button labeled Upload, and clicking on it will bring up a mini window with three buttons, all of which take you to different parts of the software. Click on Settings to add new file tags, and click on Resources to generate a download link.

The Best Torrent Sites offers a wide range of popular multimedia in many different filetypes, making it a good place to start if youre looking to download from a Windows PC. However, theres no search tool, so youll have to browse every time you download something.

Torrent Deluge was our number one pick for the best torrent site for several months, but it’s recently dropped out of the top five. However, it’s definitely still a good site if youre looking to download Windows software.


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