It can be argued that theres no point in pirating software because software is already available free in most cases. Yes, you can go get it elsewhere for free but your software will likely be freeware or shareware and you may be forced to uninstall it when you finish using it. And if youre looking for something more personal, there are plenty of website where you can download cracked software of your interest and even give suggestions on how to improve the code or what features youd like to see added.

Easily the most popular example is game-cracking, or modifying existing software to allow for the addition of pirated and/or modded content. The process may require some creativity but is not too hard to do. Theres also plugins for web browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox to add mods and content to game engines. For more advanced users, HTML5, JavaScript, and other technologies can allow hackers to alter the code of games, add mods, and even add completely new features to existing software.

To get started, visit a site that offers cracked software. As the name suggests, it contains code that has been modified to allow you to view, install and run the software without the necessity of an original key. Immediatly, your browser will ask you if you want to open or save the file, usually prompting you with a warning. As you may have guessed, by hitting open, youre actually downloading a program you need to be particularly careful of not downloading a virus. Pause for a moment to read the terms of use and be sure to give permission in case you accept them.

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