Most of the downloaded apps are cracked apps. A cracked app is a computer program that has been hacked (programmed) by the software developer so that it can be installed on your computer without paying.

Most of the latest and greatest software is available to download and use on your computer, and for free. Almost all of the popular software programs are available to download and install, including games, applications, utilities, entertainment, productivity, and more.

Most of the users are curious about the safety and performance of the Android devices so they take help of it’s tutorials and guides to get started with the Android experience. So, if you are a beginner or a little advanced in your Android care and need a new app or software to improve your experience then there are millions of apps available on the Google Play Store. However, not all of these apps are totally safe to use. Why? Because when an app is released by the developer, not all users check the risks. Sometimes the developer fails to fix or update the app because he or she forgot about it.

There are millions of people running various sites and platforms, so if you choose the wrong search engine, you can waste a lot of your time. I know you like the search results that you get from Google, and that is why you stick to it. However, I’d like to make a suggestion which can help you get the best possible results faster and easier.

Security researchers are some of the most up on-the-minute tech lifesavers when it comes to keeping computers secure. Goolag is a site where security researchers can upload the cracked versions of software that they’ve discovered, and then others can download them for free.


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