PepiSoft is a rapidly growing content portal for free software. With time, PepiSoft has started to offer software titles for the latest version of the most used software titles in the world. I like the way they search for the latest versions of a software titles in the repositories we have listed. It is a very nice feature. is a leading software portal for cracking software. If you are wondering why this site is categorized as an illegal site, I can only say that software cracks are not 100% safe. This site has proved to be of the highest standards in the world.

FruitsSoft is a gaming portal offering the latest games with cracked softwares and offers easy download links to these games. The good thing about fruitssoft is that they are giving the access to all versions of a particular games but if the licence is not expired or is not activated by the customer then he cannot play that particular game. is the largest online search engine in the world and is popular for offering most popular programs and cracked software titles. Moreover, the data you enter in your account remains with you until you delete your account. One of the best feature of yandex is the searchable links. provides us a wide variety of software titles and review them. They have a variety of cracked software, and review them. Additionally, if you want to know more about any software, then you can ask them on their Ask Us A Question page.

Shareware is another excellent software site. It is not a warez site but is an excellent resource for both free trials and full versions of software, as well as links to shareware and freeware sites and a newsletter called The Shareware Share. They provide downloads from over 11000 software publishers, with over 200 software products shared each month.

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