There are many websites to download cracked games on Android for free, some of them are famous and popular such as Fubar, Romspedia, and Comkido. In this article I will try to explore many of these websites.

Here is a website which is one of the top 10 website to download games for free and it is not in any list. Its called ModAfX. The reason for being included here is: the game is mostly about mods, especially ROM hacks. Some people use these hacks to get their games free.

Here you will get the latest games, with best prices and best quality, and if you have any problem, you can also contact the team on their Facebook page. The games are not Cracked/Update Or Installable, but by playing them from the website, but easy.

Finally, here is a site to download cracked games for free. Its kind of a library site, but in the form of a website. A lot of the games are cracked and just need to be downloaded. There is no download button, so no strings attached. However, its a good idea to have a back up.

Use the following steps to download the cracked apps or game from any site:

  1. Go to your favourite cracked app or games website.
  2. If the website does not offer direct downloads of the cracked apps or games, download the cracked apps or games APK.
  3. Install it on your device by using the downloaded APK.
  4. Enjoy the cracked game or app.

If you find free Android apps by Google, they are mostly direct downloads from the Play Store. These games are very limited in scope, you won’t be able to customize them. But if you are looking to download modded games or application you need to visit one of these free crack sites .


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