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Play with your friends in a virtual world of endless possibilities. Roblox is more than just a game, it’s a creative outlet that inspires kids, teens, and adults to imagine and play out their wildest fantasies. Play online with friends, create adventures, design virtual items, studios, characters, and games.. Find an adventure, roleplay, build something one of a kind, create videos, and much more. It’s your choice.
Roblox News:
Roblox is currently working on a game to help with schoolwork. It is called “Homework Helper”, and is currently in the Beta/Tester stage. Roblox is also working on a new way to allow makers to make game mocap tools. This new feature will allow makers to create bots.

We have acquired some great teams that are working on amazing things at the moment.


We introduced Robux as an in-game, real-world currency that makers use to create and purchase premium content in Roblox.


We are launching our own blockchain in early Q2 of 2021 with our own coin called ROX.


One of the major projects we have going on right now is the development of a Decentralized Network. When this network is complete, we will be able to launch the first blockchain game built on our mainnet without relying on any third party. ROBLOX is a pioneer in this space.


So, the team is pretty busy right now. We are building something really cool and are excited to share with you when it’s ready. We will be releasing more information on what we’re working on in the coming weeks.


The ROBLOX Decentralization Project involves building the first blockchain game that is fully decentralized.


Decentralization has been on our radar for quite some time. We are very excited to finally be able to talk about what we’re working on. We are helping to advance the research and development of decentralized networks in the gaming industry. Our goal is to build the first fully decentralized gaming experience, and we need help from the community in order to do this.



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It’s possible to generate robux – either you have to:

Step 1:
Get an account on any roblox game
Step 2:
Wait until they offer a free offer (usually either $5 for a gift card or free robux)
Step 3:
Click on the link given by the game and send the game your email
Step 4:
Wait for the gift card to appear in your email inroblox and then open the roblox account and transfer the gift to your roblox account

Not 100% sure if this works or not but this was the way I got my free robux in the past

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System Requirements For How Do You Get Roblox Bucks:


android 4.3 or higher

Rooted device

Unlocked bootloader

Unlocked Google account

Extract and Move to Android/sdcard/download folder

Open it

Tap on HACK then press yes

Enjoy the hacks

Patch description:

Unlimited Robux, Robux and now Rc

Always is 1,000$ Robux [EDIT: corrected]

Always is 10 000$ Rc

Please put “Download mega” for each level 7/100

Once the mod is installed. You must enter hack lobby to use this hack

How to install:

Step 1: Unlock google play services

Enable USB debugging in your device

Download google-services.json from the download link at the bottom and move it to Android/sdcard/download folder

Step 2: Download this script

Run the script and see the download link

Drag the downloaded zip to your computer

Uninstall Google Play Services of your device and then install it

Step 3: Put the downloaded script to hack into the /Android/sdcard/download folder.

Insert your device into the computer. Unzip your downloaded zips and put the script to /Android/sdcard/download folder. Once unzipped the script, make sure you have read only permission for the script. See the image below. To verify, look for file/script/Hack..

Step 4: Run

Press OK and wait for the installation

Enter the hack lobby and get 100 free doge or 250 free doge per day

* Note: If the robux is not enough, you can use the portal hack, get free doge, free power coins or free robux.

Frequently asked questions:

What is “hack” this mod is?

“Hack” is an affiliate word for “hack”. It is used here as a safety to tell the internet to not get angry if there’s any kind of problem with this APK. The word “hack” here is associated with unwanted codes.

What is the robux?

Robux is a currency. It is used in many games. If you’re curious about all the currencies you can use on Roblox, visit Roblox wiki.

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