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published:01 Apr 2020


Take your mind off of the lockdown:
Patrols one of the most popular maps for Roblox games, Blockspire. Discover the massive world, explore awesome features and try not to get obliterated by the enemy.
Get round robin tournaments with our new SystemTournaments, more info and how to join:

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published:24 Apr 2020


Take your mind off of the lockdown:
Patrols one of the most popular maps for Roblox games, Blockspire. Discover the massive world, explore awesome features and try not to get obliterated by the enemy.
Get round robin tournaments with our new SystemTournaments, more info and how to join:

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Download ———>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

Download ———>>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

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published:04 Feb 2018


You can download the full version of Magic Slice Puzzle by clicking the download button on this page.
If you’re new to Magic Slice, it’s very easy!
There are only 4 buttons in the entire game.
Here is a list of every item that will be provided on your journey:
1. New game
2. Instructions
3. Background Story
4. RestartOption
If you are having difficulties, be sure to visit the Support


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Instructions to Cheat in Roblox

Do not try to cheat with cheats containing gold or robux.

Roblox has different cheats for the mobile version and the desktop version.

All cheats work only in single player mode.

The desktop version has a separate Robux generator that can be downloaded.

The mobile version of Roblox cheats are different from the desktop cheats.

Do not use mass hacks to get your cheats. Such hacks don’t work.

Mobile and desktop Roblox cheats are different.

The GUI of the mobile Roblox cheats can be changed.

Try a Roblox cheat that you’ve used before. They work.

Roblox cheat

Login ID

Random robot

Place a Roblox cheat behind the pushable gears.

Roblox password generator

Roblox online generator

There are many cheats to create a password. Every code contains a different number of letters and numbers. Make a short one.

You can’t change the factory room cheat.

You can’t use security icons to hack your robux.

Roblox in-game tips



Player Mode

Create 1000 zombies in 10 seconds.

Find a free camera to shoot others.

Fly in player mode in all directions.

Spin to teleport.

Use spinning tricks.

Use the left mouse button to shoot.


Note: You can only use spinning tricks and shooting while flying.

You can move more fast.

You can’t create cars or monsters in world mode.

In-game walkie-talkie.

When you use this cheat, others will be able to hear you.

No need for AFK mode in the desktop version.

No in-game robux generator in the desktop version.

There are no robux in any Roblox rooms.

Good luck with your Roblox missions!

Roblox cheat (desktop)

Login ID

Roblox password generator

Roblox password generator

There are a lot of cheats to generate a password. Make a short one.

You can make


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