Roblox is a virtual community where users can create their own games and play them with friends in real time, as well as collaborate on massive multiplayer games with thousands of other players online. Through its in-game currency, users can purchase customization options for themselves or for their avatars.
Each user is assigned their own unique in-game name which can be used in-game to interact with them. Roblox user accounts are separate from real-world identities and can be used to bypass or remove real-world identity verification, for example by using free game accounts. Because of this, Roblox users are sometimes referred to as “non-persons” in the context of US copyright law, and this can result in large-scale copyright infringement claims against the platform.
The Roblox social network supports player communities and an in-game voting system that incentivizes the most popular themes, play styles, and community features. Games are divided into different virtual environments (VEs) that are ordered from easiest to more difficult, with some including scripted event scenes and multiple endings. As of 2018, Roblox had eight VEs: Creative (mainly for building games), Lifestyle, Sports, Adventure, Crafting, Scientific, Horror, and Poltergeist. The most popular types of Roblox games are “social games” in the Creative VE, while other popular genres of games are “experiences” or “challenges” in the Lifestyle VE.
The Roblox Game Engine (RGE) is Roblox’s proprietary game-building and play-hosting technology. The Roblox Game Engine supports both server-based and client-based architectures, and consists of a server-side build system, a client-side scripting environment, user interface (UI) code, and several technical libraries. The server-side build system generates platform-specific code, such as Java, C++, and Go. Client-side code is written in Lua, a simple, powerful language that supports advanced syntax and a wide variety of programming features.
The Roblox Game Engine supports the creation and gaming of multiple game types, including social, adventure, survival, and action games. It is also used to power Roblox Studio, a free game-development software from Roblox Corporation.
An in-game platform for game developers allows the creation and publication of games, with over 100,000 user-created game projects currently hosted on the


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Roblox is an online platform that allows users to create games and to play them. Players can design their own games and play them with each other. They can design their levels and scenery and play them on their own or compete against each other.

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There are a lot of characters in the game and, especially for new players, they’re hard to reach and can be very expensive. If


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