while you shouldn’t let your guard down and write only your phone number, you may need to leave the watermark there in the hopes of getting some matches. but don’t put a vague sentence about whatever https://diigo.com/0q03hoyou’re looking for there either; you need to be specific. what are you after? someone to chat with? to meet up with? to have fun with? in general, you should try to write down something vague and then have the features you want in parentheses to help define your interests. put “chatting okay” in the notes of your tinder account so your friends know what you’re seeking on the site. alternatively, you could try messaging on a site where you’re just looking for casual hookups.

if you want to see what other women are looking for, try going to sites like reverso. these are a little bit more less serious, but are popular as well. these sites are supposed to be a bit more low-key and fun, with the idea being that you get to meet new people without having to worry about a lot of mind games. be wary of the cutie you get matched with, since you might wind up talking for a long time before getting to your first date.

another alternative to tinder is bumble. whereas tinder is mostly a hookup app, bumble is geared more towards women and can make it a bit easier to get to know people better before deciding to hook up. it works in a similar way to tinder, except on the chitchat tab you have fewer points to go to meet people and get to know them a bit better. it’s a good way to see if someone else is worth pursuing. you might not be able to meet up with someone straight away, but the site encourages you to chat and get to know them a bit more. if you like someone, you can “like” them on bumble and they’ll get a notification that you liked them, which shows up on their profile. it lets them know you’re interested, making it easier to ask to go out on a date.


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